Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ensemble Theatre Making: A Practical Guide

Screaming Media Productions is delighted to announce the publication of Ensemble Theatre Making: A Practical Guide by Rose Burnett Bonczek and David Storck (Routledge Press, 2012).  Ms. Bonczek is the festival director of Gi60: Live US Edition, and Mr. Storck has previously directed for and performed in past Gi60 festivals.  Ensemble Theatre Making is the first comprehensive diagnostic handbook for building, caring for and maintaining ensemble. ETM is a step-by-step guide to achieving common goals in rehearsal and performance, and considers building blocks of ensemble, how to plan and prepare for ensemble work, identifying ensemble behaviors, and techniques for responding to and positively redirecting those behaviors. Tools, techniques and recipes for rethinking and redfining ensemble as a grounded practice.  ETM is now available in the UK and in Europe, and will be released in the United States in mid-November, 2012. For further information, please see

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award Recipients

All proceeds from Gi60: Live US Edition are used to support the education of theater students at Brooklyn College through endowing the Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award.  This award recognizes one or more undergraduate theater majors who embody the spirit of collaboration. We're proud to announce the recipients of the Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award for 2012-2013:  Sergio Mauritz Ang, James Joseph Condon, Emmanuel Elpenord and Juan Pablo Villa.

Emmanuel Elpenord:  After graduating Magna Cum Laude in May with an Acting BFA, TV and Radio BA, and Creative Writing BFA, Emmanuel hit the ground running, working as a Film TA with SOCAPA, a summer arts camp for international teens. He recently closed a production of The EDEN Project with Stable Cable Lab Company at Theater for the New City’s DREAM UP Festival where he played GOD. He is continuing his writing tutor vocation both independently and with Champion Learning Center, which serves underprivileged public schools in the five boroughs. In October, he will be playing the Father character in an autobiographical short film about a young woman’s struggles with drugs and gang violence in 1980s Queens.    “Collaboration, to me, is joining together the strengths of different individuals towards a common goal and greater good." 

Sergio Mauritz Ang is currently a second year BFA in Acting candidate at Brooklyn College. A graduate of Laguardia Arts High School, he is a classically trained singer, and has performed in numerous Concerts, Operas,and Master classes. A recent alumni of Hostos Community College, he received his Associate degree with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. Sergio received a national commendation for outstanding performance in a play from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in 2011. His recent credits include: Boris in the Brooklyn College Theater Production of The Fairy Garden, and a company member for Gi60 US edition 2012.  “Collaboration is why I do theater. There is an undeniable magic when multiple ideas and bodies harmonize into one. It is an effort that highlights the value of teamwork and the ensemble.” 

Joseph James Condon is in his final year of the B.F.A. program at Brooklyn College. He recently was awarded the Rose-Goldstein memorial scholarship, and the Vivian Stein Rothenberg Memorial Scholarship for outstanding growth in the field of acting as well as the Gi60 Scholarship. He has just recently created and directed a small puppet piece for a Drama of Works puppet slam, based off the Wizard of OZ. He is currently working on a Keith Bunin play titled "The Principality Of Sorrows", which opens November 8th.  "Collaboration is an intangible thing, it’s the precise moment when more than one person connects with others to form a whole new entity created out of the pieces of each other. A little bit of each is what makes the only thing that could be the perfect fit for the time and space."

Friday, 14 September 2012

One Minute Plays of Gi60 US Now on YouTube!

The fifty original one minute plays produced by Gi60 2012 Live US Festival at the New Workshop Theatre are now edited and available for viewing on the Gi60 Channel on YouTube:
The videos for Gi60 2012 Live UK Festival are forthcoming - and as a special surprise - we'll soon be posting plays from G(hosts) in 60 from the Ghost Story Festival at the Viaduct Theater, Dean Clough Mills UK in 2010!
Now, there are several ways you can help support Gi60:
- Join the Gi60 Facebook Group, and "Like" the Facebook posts on that page:!/groups/Gi60info/ - and be sure to let us know your thoughts
- View as many of the plays as possible on YouTube (and remember to hit 'like'!)
- link plays through your Facebook page to increase viewership on YouTube
- Forward links to the Gi60 Channel/YouTube to friends and colleagues
- and remember to subscribe to this blog site!
Our great thanks once again to Christopher Thomasson for his amazing editorial skills, to our film director and supervisor Anthony Ponzio for the fantastic footage, to the wonderful playwrights from around the world, the acting company, stage managers and designers for Gi60 2012, to the Department of Theater at Brooklyn College, to our live audiences, to everyone who helped create the live stream event, of course to Steve Ansell and Jan Ansell of Screaming Media for making this long running international party happen since 2003. Enjoy!
All the best,
Rose, Steve, and the Gi60 US and UK Teams

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Our great thanks to everyone who made Gi60 2012 Live US Edition such a success! Thank you for attending, streaming, and sending all good wishes for our EIGHTH collaboration with Gi60: The International One Minute Play Festival and Screaming Media Productions. Now, mark your calendars for the next performance: Gi60 Live UK Edition on June 16, Dean Clough Mills, Viaduct Theatre, Halifax, UK!!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Gi60 US Live Edition: Live streaming

Gi60 has always been at the forefront of theatre and technology (we even beat You Tube by 5 months). We are committed to the idea of the global ensemble and US Live edition Director Rose Bonczek, her colleagues and collaborators have been working very hard to make Gi60 even more accessible.  The Gi60 US Live edition being performed tonight and tomorrow (Fri 8 & Sat 9 8.00pm US EST) and will, for the first time, be streamed live over the internet. We are all extremely excited about this experiment which marks the next step in the evolution of the Gi60 project and our global ensemble. I would like to say a huge thank you to Rose Bonczek, the cast and crew of the Gi60 Live Edition and to Brooklyn College for their continued enthusiasm, support and development of the Gi60 Festival. Gi60 is the most dynamic and accessible theatre event in the world, the live streaming of the US Live edition provides further evidence of this.

If you would like to be parrt of the Gi60 US Live edition on line audience please watch the live streams via the URL's below.

With best regards

Steve Ansell

Here are three URL's - we're told that the second or third one is best for our out of town contributors:

1) mms://
2) mms://
3) mms://

Friday, 8 June 2012

Gi60 Live Edition 2012 Cast and Crew

Steve Ansell
Jan Ansell
Hedley Brown

Stage Manager:                                
Zoe Maddox

Hedley Brown
Joel Dean
Arthur Sutcliffe
Keir Bown
Kieran Borchard
Oscar Allen
Nealie Harman-Cook
Anna Shotter
Helen Buchanan

Gi60 UK Live Edition revised (and final) play list

1              Alex Bernstein                                  Possible Opening Lines
2              Ramona Floyd                                  One
3              Amy Ignatow                                     Not Even if
4              Daniel Clements                              Negotiating With Terrorists
5              Bill Hodson                                       What’s in a name?
6              Anton Krasauskas                           The Clincher
7              Oscar Allen                                       Monster face
8              Tom Carrozza                                  Closed but Open
9              Terry Collins                                     The Quizzer Who Came To Tea
10           Dwayne Yancey                                Liberal Arts Pirates
11           Janine Smith                                     YOUNG AND NAÏVE?
12           Dee Grijak                                         Stone
13           ‘Doc’ Andersen-Bloomfield             Charlie
14           Mark Harvey Levine                          Dowsing
15           Tom Carrozza                                    No Stranger to Heartache
16           David Muncaster                               Everything’s a Pound
17           Barry Hobbs                                      Enjoy every sandwich
18           Jim MacNerland                               Silence is Golden
19           Jasmine Bown                                  Superzero
20           Ekaterina Ostrova                            Ghosts
21           Meron Langsner                               Schrodinger’s Curiousity
22           Ramona Floyd                                  RU a Ghost
23           Mark Smith                                        Bacteria
24           Dean Clough                                     Grandma’s Block Steps
25           S. L. Daniels                                      Emotional Rollercoaster
26           Janine Smith                                      Reigning in the Crazy
27           Terry Collins                                      Bed Bug’s Day Out
28           Altenir Silva                                       The Dinner
29           Jamie Evans                                     Pitch
30           Anthony R. Ponzio                           This Blank Page
30           Maude Lambert                                The Exam           
31           Arlene Malinowski                             Dog Days
33           Kay Poiro                                           Wrong House
34           Catherine Russo                               Golden Anniversary
35           Jacob Mole                                        The Impractical Assassin
36           Bruce Shearer                                   Crumbs
37           Dan Morra                                          What You wish For
38           Ted Wenskus                                     Penance
39           Thomas J. Misuraca                         On the Nose
40           Irene Ziegler                                      GRTC
41           Steve Winchcombe                         Breathe
42           Julian Kaufman                                 Hotspot
43           Michael W Moon                             Calling the King
44           Joel Dean                                          The Sea of a Thousand Yesterdays
45           Emily Lawrenson                              On the Other Side
46           Anthony R. Ponzio                           Who
47           Dwayne Yancey                                Busier Than
48           Ivy Vale                                              Deal With It
49           Bill Grabowski                                    Holiday Season
50           Julian Kaufman                                 Flying Into the Jaws of Doom

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Gi60 2012:Live US Edition, Friday June 8 at 8:00 pm and Saturday June 9 at 8:00 pm
New Workshop Theater, Brooklyn College campus.
Tickets: $10.00 ( all proceeds go to the Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Scholarship)
Reservations are strongly recommended: this event sells out quickly!
For tickets, please call 718-951-4500 or go online to:
Seating is general admission - please leave extra travel time, as the Performing Arts Complex is still undergoing renovation, and the entrance to the Whitman is roughly a five minute walk from the new main gate!
All tickets must be picked up at the box office of the Whitman Theater (located upstairs from the New Workshop Theater). We no longer sell or hold tickets at the door of the New Workshop for this event.
Playwrights: when making your reservation, please be sure to tell the box office staff that you are a featured playwright in order to receive your single comp ticket.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Gi60 UK Live Edition Sat 16th June 7.30pm

Gi60 Uk Live Edition
The Viaduct Theatre
Dean Clough
Saturday 16 June

Tickets £6 full (£4 conc)*
* Featured writers will each be offered one free, non transferable ticket.

Tickets on line at:

Sunday, 20 May 2012


All Gi60 UK Live edition writers will be contacted in the next few days with information about attending the UK Live addition. Thank you to everybody who submitted, once again we have a dynamic, diverse, scary, comic, moving, foolish, silly, beautiful and down right bonkers selection of plays. The Gi60 UK Live company will be announced shortly

Gi60 UK Live Edition Play Selection 2012

Gi60 UK Live Edition Play Selection 2012 ** Please note: We are still making a final decision on the last two plays for the UK Live Edition. These will be added to the list as soon as the decision is made **

1 Doc Andersen-Bloomfield Charlie Chipping Norton, UK
2 Alex Bernstein Possible Opening Lines New Jersey, USA
3 Altenir Silva Before Dinner Rio Di Janero, Brazil
4 Amy Ignatow Not Even if USA
5 Anthony R. Ponzio This Blank Page New York, USA
6 Anthony R. Ponzio Who New York, USA
7 Anton Krasauskas The Clincher Pontefract, UK
8 Arlene Malinowski Dog Days Chicago, USA
9 Barry Hobbs It Came From St. Albans, UK
10 Bill Grabowski Holiday Season New York, USA
11 Bill Hodson What’s in a name? York, UK
12 Bruce Shearer Crumbs Melbourne, Australia
13 Catherine Russo Golden Anniversary New York, USA
14 Dan Morra What You wish For Philadelphia, USA
15 Daniel Clements Negotiating With Terrorists Monmouthshire, Wales
16 David Muncaster Everything’s a Pound Cheshire, UK
17 Dwayne Yancey BUSIER THAN Virginia, USA
18 Dwayne Yancey Liberal Arts Pirates Virginia, USA
19 Dwayne Yancey Scouting Report Virginia, USA
20 Ekaterina Ostrova Ghosts Brooklyn, New York, USA
21 Emily Lawrenson On the Other Side Barcelona, Spain
22 Irene Ziegler GRTC Virginia, USA
23 Ivy Vale Deal With It New York, New York
24 Jacob Mole The Impractical Assassin Surrey, UK
25 Janine Smith YOUNG AND NAÏVE? Leeds, UK
26 Janine Smith Reigning in the Crazy Leeds, UK
27 Jasmine Bown Superzero Harrogate, UK
28 Jim MacNerland Silence is Golden Los Angeles, CA
29 Joel Dean The Sea of a Thousand Yesterdays York, UK
30 Julian Kaufman Flying Into the Jaws of Doom USA
31 Julian Kaufman Hotspot USA
32 Kay Poiro Wrong House Hawaii, USA
33 Mark Smith Bacteria Harrogate, UK
34 Maude Lambert The Exam York, UK
35 Meron Langsner Schrodinger’s Curiousity USA
36 Michael W Moon Calling the King by Chicago, USA
37 Oscar Allen ?? Otley, UK
38 Jamie Evans Pitch New York, New York
39 Ramona Floyd One New York, USA
40 Ramona Floyd RU a Ghost New York, USA
41 S. L. Daniels Emotional Rollercoaster Chicago USA
42 Ted Wenskus Penance New York, USA
43 Terry Collins Bed Bug’s Day Out Harrogate, UK
44 Terry Collins The Quizzer Who Came To Tea Harrogate, UK 
45 Thomas J. Misuraca On the Nose California, USA
46 Tom Carrozza No Stranger to Heartache New York, USA
47 Tom Carrozza Closed but Open New York, USA
48 Mark Harvey Levine Dowsing California, USA

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Gi60 Live US Edition Announces Plays for 2012 Festival!!

Gi60: Live U.S. Edition is delighted to announce play selections for 2012. The following plays will be produced at the New Workshop Theater, located at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, on Friday June 8 at 8:00 pm, and Saturday June 9 at 8:00 pm. For further information and reservations, please call (718) 951-5000  X 2768. For directions to the venue, please visit the Brooklyn College homepage. Artistic Director Steve Ansell and Gi60: Live UK Edition will be announcing their play selections separately (and soon!).  For playwrights who live outside of the New York City area, stay tuned to this site for updates on live streaming the US event!

All proceeds from the Gi60: Live U.S. Edition go to a scholarship fund to support theater students at Brooklyn College. Every playwright who would like to attend will be offered one comp ticket, and we regret that we cannot offer multiple comps because of our fundraising efforts to help students. Tickets are $10.00, seating is general admission, and each performance will be filmed, edited, then uploaded to the Gi60 Channel on YouTube by early September. Congratulations, thank you for the wonderful plays you've shared with our terrific company of actors and directors, and we hope to see you at the event (reservations are STRONGLY recommended!).
All the best,

Directors: Rose Burnett Bonczek, Anthony Ponzio, and Michael Colby Jones

Gi60 2012Live US Edition
Play Selections
1) Amazing TV Stars by Rosanne Manfredi (Bayshore, NY)
2) At the Hotel Huis Clos (No Exit) by Meron Langsner (Boston, MA)
3) The Art of Conversation by Emily Lawrenson (Barcelona, Spain)
4) Believe in Me by Roger Collins (Cincinnati, OH)
5) Better Than Birds by Robert Montgomery (New York, NY)
6) Bitches on Good Behavior by Stacey Lane (Miamisburg, OH)
7) The Box of Darkness by John Hawkhead (Somerset, UK)
8) Choosers by James McLindon (Northampton, MA)
9) Christmas Tree by Hugh Cardiff (Dublin, Ireland)
10) The Cock and Dragon by Mark Konik (Warners Bay, Australia)
11) Conveyor by David Muncaster (Cheshire, UK)
12) Deviation by Jay Nickerson (Brooklyn, NY)
13) Disrepair by Jim MacNerland  (Los Angeles, CA)
14) February 15th by Robert Boatride (New York, NY)
15) Four Epics and a Critic by C.J. Ehrlich (Chapaqua, NY)
16) Garage Sale by Bruce Shearer (Melbourne, Australia)
17) Have We Met? by Steve Ansell (Yorkshire, UK)
18) The Interview by Trace Crawford (Hilliard, OH)
19) It’s My Scene by Lucy Avery Brooke (New York, NY)
20) June 24, 2011 by Rosanne Manfredi (Bayshore, NY)
21) King Kwik by Alex Bernstein (Cranford, NJ)
22) The Lighthouse by Julian Kaufman 
23) Love at First Fight by Miles Butler (Brooklyn, NY)
24) Madame Seer Sees All by Arthur M. Jolly (Marina del Rey, CA)
25) The Most Powerful Doppler in the Tristate by Roger Brookfield (Cheviot, OH)
26) Nothing Else Matters by Anthony Ponzio (Brooklyn, NY)
27) On Facebook by Teddy Rodriguez (Lubbock, TX)
28) The Other Portrait by Chip Tolson (Minehead, UK)
29) Overheard at a Jersey City Bus Stop by Ruben Carbajal (Jersey City, NJ)
30) Overheard at Scotiabank Plaza by Aurora de Peña (Toronto, ON)
31) Pastport by Tom Carrozza (New York, NY)      
32) The Play by Aurora de Peña (Toronto, CA)
33) S.L. Daniels in This Universe by S.L. Daniels (Chicago, IL)
34) Soulmating by Ivy Vale (New York, NY)
35) Speed Dating by Ruben Carbajal (Jersey City, NJ)
36) Story-toppers by Ekaterina Ostrova – (Brooklyn, NY)
37) Suggestive by Andrea Fleck Cardy (Jamaica Plain, MA)
38) Sunset in North Dakota by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, VA)
39) Sweet Delilah by Ramona Floyd (New York, NY)
40) Traffic Stop by James McLindon (Nothrhampton, MA)
41) Tres Sors by Helen Huff (New York, NY)
42) Two by Ramona Floyd (New York, NY)
43) Two Old Men by Robert Boatride (New York, NY)
44) Under the Covers by Alan Jozwiak (Cincinnati, OH)
45) The Uniform by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, VA)
46) Welcome Home by Bill Grabowski (Huntington Station, NY)   
47) Why Babies Are Born Crying by Catherine Russo (East Islip, NY)
48) With by Mark Harvey Levine (Pasadena, CA)
49) A World Away by Jonathan Joy 
50) Written on Valentine's Day 2012, Waiting for Vietnamese Food by Philip Dawkins
(Chicago, IL)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

GI60 2012 SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED Thank you to everybody who submitted plays this year. All submissions will be read and the chosen playwrights will be contacted in the next couple of weeks. Once Rose and myself have had chance to decide on this years selection and the venue for performance the full list will be posted on the blog and on the facebook page. Steve.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gi60 2012 Submission Deadline: Midnight TONIGHT Thank you to everybody who has once again submitted such a diverse and dynamic series of tiny plays. Rose and myself, together with the rest of the directinmg team look forward to reading all of the submitted work and selecting this years 100 chosen works. best regards Steve Ansell, Rose Bonczek and the Gi60 creative team

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Hi guys,
I have been out of the loop for the last couple of weeks and totally missed the dealine for submissions passing and so failed to remind everybody. We have had some fantastic submissions this year but to make sure that everyone does in fact submit a play we have extended the deadline to Midnight on Sat April 28. So GET WRITING QUICK!!!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Subscribe to the Gi60 you Tube Channel Forty Thousand viewers can't be wrong

The Gi60 You Tube channel has recieved over 40,000 hits and our videos have been watched in 135 Countries. We are now a worldwide phenomenon. Congratulations to everybody who continues to make Gi60 the most dynamic and exciting theatre project on the planet.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Gi60 2012 Now Accepting Submissions

Gi60 2012 is on the horizon and we are now accepting submissions. . Full details about how to apply are on the blog (left hand column)

fingers ready, inpiration primed.... You know what to do!

Deadline for submissions is Midnight April 15th