Thursday, 15 December 2016

Gi60 in book form!!

One Minute Theatre: A Practical Guide to Tiny Plays
Dear Gi60 community,
As most of you are aware Rose and I have spent the last few months working with Routledge on a book that will hopefully explain Gi60 and the one minute theatre format. The best way to do this was always going to be by offering readers the chance to view one minute plays. In putting together the book and the anthology of plays contained within it we have tried to show a cross section of styles, cast sizes, themes and age suitability’s. The book isn’t a ‘best of’ more a ‘great example of’ collection.
Throughout the process the writers we contacted about possible inclusion in the book have been almost universally supportive of both our aims, objectives and the project as a whole. Rose and I would once again like to publically acknowledge that without that support there would be no book. Earlier today we sent Routledge the final proof of the book and as a result we would now like to officially announce that One Minute Theatre: A practical Guide to Tiny plays will be released in 2017 and the following writers work will be featured. The book will be available from all the usual outlets, including your local bookstore (support your local bookstore!) Please inform your friends, family, colleagues, local theatres and anybody else you feel needs a dose of tiny theatre I their lives:
Thank you again to the many, many, many people who have so far shared this journey with us.
Aakaash, Buffy
Alberts, J.F
Allen, Matt,
Allen, Oscar
Allen, Vic
Ansell, Jan
Ansell, Steve
Arieti, Olivia
Ashmore, Liam & Price, Ellice
Avison, Rachel
Barile, Paul
Bernstein, Alex
Bernstein, Amy L
Bezdickova, Lucie
Boatride, Robert
Borchard, Kieran
Bown, Jasmine
Brewka-Clark, Nancy
Brown, Hedley
Bryant, Joe
Burch, Ron
Burdick, Michael
Burn, Sean
Bonczek, Rose
Carbajal, Ruben
Cardiff, Hugh
Carr, Alison
Carraway, Greg
Carrozza, Tom
Chisholm, Edgar
Clyne, Kevin
Clyne, Catherine
Collins, Terry
Costa, Allie
Coyle, Julia
Crose, Brandon M.
Dean, Joel
Dremann, Alex
Ehrlich, C.J.
Elliott, Helen
Elliott-Hatton, Zachary
Exilus, Mack
Farrington, Sara
Fazio Littlefield, Karin
Feldman, Lauren
Flanagan, Mike
Flourakis, Andreas
Floyd, Ramona
Gabridge, Patrick
Geffen, Natasha
Gelo, Tom
Gerhard, Tom
Gijsbers van Wijk, Amy
Gillard-Bentley, Paddy
Girvan, Clare
Grabowski, Bill
Gracia, Stephen
Danica Grijak
Harvey, James
Haun, Aren
Hawkhead, John
Hilton, Jessica
Hosking, Sandra
Hsieh, Peter
Huff, Helen
Ignatow, Amy
Jolly, Arthur M.
Jozwiak, Alan
Kaplan, Stephen
Kaufman, Julian
Kennedy, Janice
Kimmel, Hank
Konkel, Matthew
Krasauskas, Vincent
Krasauskas, Anton
Lambert, Maude
Lane, Stacey
Lanfer, Stefan
Langsner, Meron
Lawrenson, Emily
Lederer, Julia
Lefer, Diane
Levine, John
Levine, Mark Harvey
Ley, David
Lockhart, Laurel A
Lunoe, Joan
MacCallum, Rhea
MacGregor, David
MacLarty, Andrew
MacNerland, Jim
Maiella, Michael
Manfredi, Rosanne
Markarian, Michele
McLindon, James
Miley, Jess
Misuraca, Thomas J
Morra, Dan
Muswell, Jo
Nickerson, Jay
Pajka, Corey
Palermo, Brian
Pattison, Rebecca
Petryk, Walter
Ponzio, Anthony R
Provenza, Jennifer
Putt, Jr., Barry M.
Raby, Henry
Ramirez, Juan, Jr.
Ramsburg, Kat
Revell, Harry
Ryan, M. Rigney
Rivera, Jose A
Russo, Jennifer
Sedgman, Kirsty
Shearer, Bruce
Shotter, Anna
Silva, Altenir
Solfanelli, Eugene
Stewart de Peña, Aurora
Storck, David
Thorne, Russ
Vale, Ivy
Wadley, Gary
Weagly, John
Webb, Loy
Wenskus, Ted
White, Christopher
Widney, Chris
Winter, Theeda Phe Kali,
Yancey, Dwayne
Ziegler, Irene

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Gi60 2016 Live US Now Available on YouTube!

We're delighted to announce that all individual plays performed as part of Gi60 2016 Live US Edition are now available for viewing on the Gi60 YouTube Channel! Please re-post, share them, make this the year that one of our plays goes viral, and most of all, enjoy! Our great thanks to camera supervisor Anthony Ponzio for his wonderful talent and time, and camera operators Michael Garay, John Tsang and Tina Wong Lu for their outstanding work. And of course, endless gratitude to film editor, YouTube Manager and Associate Artistic Director Chirstopher Thomasson for the fantastic work he did on bringing the individual plays to us all.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award Recipients: Meet Francisco Carrillo

Francisco Carrillo, is a born and raised New York City native. His passion for acting first started in high school when he had been part of his first musical, after that experience the rest was history. He joined small theatre groups outside of school to satisfy his thirst of story telling and during that time he heard about Brooklyn College and it’s BFA Acting program. Francisco has now completed his second year in the BFA program and is now going into his senior year. He is eternally grateful to the department and their encouraging efforts to helping students in their craft, especially Rose Bonczek, “she is someone that reminds us all to celebrate our uniqueness and individuality, and as a human being, it makes me so happy to hear that.”