Thursday, 19 May 2022

 Gi60 International US Live Edition: Play Selection:

We're delighted to announce the 50 plays selected for 18th annual Gi60 International US Live:  performances at The Tank NYC, July 6, 7, 8 and 9 at 7:30 pm, 312 West 36th Street, NYC - live and live streamed, ticket links will be posted soon!
I can only echo what Steve Ansell wrote in an earlier post: we are humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude by the many, many hundreds of remarkable plays that writers submit each year. Funny, heartbreaking, whimsical, cautionary, mysterious, hopeful, and ultimately all powerful; these plays capture 50 tiny slices of life at this moment on Planet Earth. We know that these plays - and the ensembles that will bring them to life onstage - will do what theatre does best: help us all feel less alone in these challenging times. The plays for Gi60 US Live are:

Gi60 International US Live Edition: 

1)    The Anniversary by David Storck (Savannah, GA)

2)    Assumption by Steve Alguire  (Etobicoke, ON, Canada)

3)    Bent by Ramona Floyd   (Binghamton, NY)

4)    Charles Foster Kane in Iowa by Steven G. Martin  (Lafayette, IN)

5)    A Conversation by Len Jenkin  (Accord, NY)

6)    The Cup by Matthew Weaver   (Spokane, WA)

7)    Customer Service by Ruben Carbajal  (Kenosha, WI)

8)    Deception. War. Retribution by Scott C. Sickles  (Forest Hills, NY)

9)    The Disappearance of the Letter Q by Larry Rinkel  (Bayshore, NY)

10) Evermore by Heather Dooley  (Bellingham, WA)

11) Falling in Love by Quinn Smola  (Colorado Springs, CO)

12) Fast Forward by Sophia Vitkovitsky  (Toronto, ON, Canada)

13) Gilbert, You’re Eating a Grape by Larry Rinkel   (Bayshore, NY)

14) Goodbye by Aurora Stewart de Pena (Toronto, ON, Canada)

15) Good Books by Matthew Weaver   (Spokane, WA)

16) Good Night by Evan Braufman  (Long Beach, CA)

17) Happy Little Tree by Ramona Floyd  (Binghamton, NY)

18) Home is a Four-Letter Word by Sabra Shelly (Brooklyn, NY)

19) I Lost My Socks by Eugene Solfanelli  (Brooklyn, NY)

20) Invisible by Jennifer O’Grady   (Pelham, NY)

21) Ira and Irving Episode by Steve Ansell (Holmfirth, UK)

22) Jesus Comes Back by Jessica Moss  (Toronto, ON, Canada)

23) Kansas by Claudia I. Haas  (White Bear Lake, MN)

24) Knock over the Milk Bottles by Dana Hall   (Chicago, IL)

25) Labor Force by Thomas J. Misuraca  (Los Angeles, CA)

26) Leading Men by Tom Coash   (Louisville, KY)

27) The Longest Minutes The Sequel by Rosanne Manfredi  (Bayshore, NY)

28) Machamlet by Donna Latham  (Arlington Heights, IL)

29) Mandelas by Ruben Carbajal  (Kenosha, WI)

30) Mom’s Cookies by Mark Harvey Levine   (Indianapolis, IN)

31) The Murderlators by Ava Love Hanna  (Austin, TX)

32) Not Exactly How I Remembered It by Monica Cross   (Hayward, WI)

33) Obstacle Course by Dave Doster   (Mason, OH)

34) The Ocean by Mark Harvey Levine  (Indianapolis, IN)

35) Once Around the Sun by G. Atkins   (Los Angeles, CA)

36) Orders by Stephen Gracia   (Brooklyn, NY)

37) Out on the Lake by Alex Bernstein  (Cranford, NJ)

38) Recalculating by Marilyn LT Klimcho  (Reading, PA)

39) A Scene from a Philly Lunch Counter by Michael Greenspun  (Sherman Oaks, CA)

40) Secret Admirer by Thomas J. Misuraca   (Los Angeles, CA)

41) Separate Worlds by Brent Leibowitz  (Chicago, IL)

42) Silver Lining of the Bottomless Pit by Janice Hibbard  (Indianapolis, IN)

43) Subway by Glen Alterman  (New York, NY)

44) Superheroes Don’t Need Guns by Daniela Gonzalez y Perez  (Brooklyn, NY)

45) These Days by James McLindon   (Northampton, MA)

46) Trick or Treat by Hank Kimmel  (Atlanta, GA)

47) Vermillion Flags by Paddy Gillard-Bentley  (Kitchener, ON, Canada)

48) What I Don’t Like by Aurora Stewart de Pena (Toronto, ON, Canada)

49) What You Ask For by James McLindon  (Northampton, MA)

50) Wrecks by Janice White Greenop  (Fishkill, NY)

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Gi60 UK Live Edition 2022 PLAYS SELECTION

Gi60 UK Live Edition: Ticket Link

I am very pleased to be able to announce that the majority of plays for Gi60 UK live edition have been chosen. The quality of writing has been so high this year that we are still making final decisions over the last few plays. All playwrights chosen for Gi60 International UK Live edition will be contacted within the next few days and offered a free ticket to the live event or the online streaming. This year we will be broadcasting the stream in the same week as Gi60 International US Live edition for a truly international festival feeling.
Thank you, as usual, to all our writers who have once again sent an amazing collection of tiny plays that seem to perfectly encapsulate the times in which we live. It’s a long process but it really is a pleasure and an honour to read such a body of work each year. I look forward to seeing the selection of the Gi60 UDs Live panel when it’s released.
Very best regards
Steve Ansell
Gi60 International UK Live Edition: Play Selection
Hold Your Peace Raymond - P. Weath
Fatal Bite Arthur - M. Jolly
The Zebra Matthew - Weaver
Good News Steve - Alguire
Skittles, A day in the Life - Terry Collins
Even Briefer Encounter - Terry Collins
Walter The Legend - Debra A. Cole
Cup of Tea - Jennifer Whittaker
REUNION II - Ruben Carbajal
The Last Out - Dave Doster
Lost - Marilyn LT Klimcho
The Good Fight - Janice Morris Neal
Chekhov's Gun - Ruben Carbajal
Me and Love - Janice Morris Neal
G.I Poe - Jay Strong
Presence - Ruben Carbajal
Clothes Shopping With a Friend - Michele Markarian
STOP and GO - Gary Wadley
ROOF - KNOCKING - Marco Di Stefano
ONE THING AT A TIME - Leo Byrne Jenicek
What do you Want from Me? - Ellie Cansdale
Scream - Georgia Pickles
Old Dog New Trick - Dana Hall
Untitled, A Short Play - Ruben Carbajal
STILL SEEN - Jay Nickerson
Second Sleep - Marilyn Anne Campbell
Not About You - Ivy Vale
Ghombie - Georgia Pickles
10 Second Rule - 3 Second Dog! - Jennifer Whittaker
PLEASE SMILE - Robin Baron
A Creative Challenge - Phil Taylor
Queue Life - Abi Sutcliffe
Let's Do Something - T Salib
CHEESY - Vivian C. Lermond
Window - Sophia Vitkovitsky
WHITE NOISE - Alex Dremann
Films - Joel Dean
Tree Funeral - Olly Leighton
Hookie - Hilary Bluestein-Lyons
Every Fairytale Ever Told… - Colette Murphy
Flight of Thought - Dana Hall
The last Few Meat Sacks - Lewis Fraser
Groan in 60 - Arthur Sutcliffe
4 - Barry Hobbs