Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The Department of Theater at Brooklyn College, Screaming Media Productions, and Leeds University and stage@leeds UK are proud to present:
Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds) 2018: International One Minute Theatre Festival

 Gi60 2018 Live US Edition:

50 new one minute plays, fifty writers from around the globe; from Toronto to New Zealand, from Pasadena to Boston - FIFTY PLAYS IN ONE NIGHT!! Gi60 US will also be Live Streamed - see details below!
WHEN:   Thursday June 7, Friday June 8, Saturday June 9 at 8:00 pm
WHERE: Studio Theater 307, Roosevelt Extension, Brooklyn College, New York
TICKETS: $20.00, $15 with student ID (Please!)

To purchase tickets, click on the link below!


or call the box office at 718/951-4500. (All proceeds from Gi60 Live US Edition support the Gi60 US/UK Scholarship for Brooklyn College students)

Directed by: Rose Burnett Bonczek, Michael Colby Jones, Chris Donovan, Joshua Chase Gold, Eugene Solfanelli

Featuring: Ahsan Ali,  Ally Callaghan, Sabrina Cataudella, Charles Fenner, Ramona Floyd, Sarah Good, Josue Guerrero, Vincent Ingrisano, Vera Khodasevich, Joanna Kozak, Joan Lunoe, Valeri “Matt” Mozaidze, Jay Nickerson, Julie Orkis, Cristina Pitter, Mickey Ryan, Matty Sangare
What's that? You live in Los Angeles/Melbourne/London/Tel Aviv and can't come? Gi60 Live US will be live streamed! Visit the Gi60 YouTube Channel on show days, and the links to the Live Stream will be posted there (you can also enjoy plays from the past 13 years!).. https://www.youtube.com/user/gi60channel

Thursday, 10 May 2018


We are thrilled to announce that the full list of the 100 plays that will be performed at this years Gi60 International One Minute Theatre Festival in the UK and US.

Gi60 2018: Live UK Edition
Play List

A Bedtime Story - Jim MacNerland
A Little Game       - Scott Gibson
A Rat (based on true events) - Don Parker
And how was yours - Ron Fromstein
Billy's First Birthday - Chris Rivera
Bittersweet Cannabis - Joylynne Hoang
Caged Life - Amy Ignatow
Canopy - Rachael Carnes
Caution Slow Traffic - Jim MacNerland
Change - Maude Lambert
Complex - Thomas J Misuraca
Crayons - Laurel Myler
Customer Returns - Russ Thorne
Day Six - Emily Hagerman
 End of the line - Marco Rossi
F.U.T.A.G.I.S.S - Terry Collins
Germs - Matthew Konkel
God Forbid - Mark Harvey Levine
Heroine Support Group - Louise Johns
Hey - Juan Manuel Ramirez Jr
High Hoe,High Hoe - Terry Collins
Isn't Murder Lovely - Connor McCabe
Julienne's Dilemma (or I'd do anything for love but I won't do that’ - S H Curwen
Leave me with a scar - Izel Islek
Merming - wayne Yancey
Mugging - Thomas J Misuraca
One Minute Macbeth - Sandra Hosking
Out - Kirstine McDermid
Particles - Scott Davenport
Penguins - Rachel Proudfoot
Record Shop - Carol Power
Remember When I Loved You? - Eugene Solfanelli
Replacement parts - Alex Bernstein
Robots-R-Us - Julia Lederer
Rubber Frog - Aurora Stewart de Peña
Selfie - Hamilton Kreeger
Space - Hugh Cardiff
St Martins Land - Joel Dean
Stargazing - Eleni Zezas
Stars - Scott Mullen
The Birth of Theatre - Meron Langsner
The News - Georgia Pickles
The Studio - Tahys Rodriguez
The Waffle Iron - Jeff Ward
Three Possums at a bar - Dwayne Yancey
Train Dramalett - Kara McKechnie
Under New Management - Oscar Allen
Well,Well, Well - Jasmine Bown
World Custodian - Matthew Konkel
Yard Sale - David Lewison 

Gi60 2018: Live US EditionPlay List

Am I Blue?!? by Eugene Solfanelli   
A Bedtime Story by Jim MacNerland
Baby It’s Cold Outside by Steve Ansell  
Best Day Ever by Rosanne Manfredi  
Buckle Up!  By Daniel Guyton 
Bump by Peter Zaragoza Mayshle   
Called Out by Andrea Fleck Clardy 
Casting Call by Aurora Stewart de Peña  
Cleaning People by Michele Markarian 
The Election by Alex Bernstein     
Goat Sucker by Jordan Elizabeth Henry
Google Is a Verb by Julia Lederer   
Gurt and Annie by Ramona Floyd
The Hand by Aurora Stewart de Peña
How She Got Her Powers by Patrick Delaney  
An Incident in the Country/Danny and Koko by Len Jenkin  
It’s Special by Claudia I. Haas  
Judgement by Steve Alguire   
Lie For Me by Dorothea Cahan
A Linguist Falling Off the Wagon by Ilan Wachsman 
Lunchtime by Mark Harvey Levine   
Manticore! By Jordan Elizabeth Henry
Match Me Up by Arthur M. Jolly   
Mother by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz   
Muse by Deidre L. Fleischer   
My Acting Coach the Border Collie by Katie Forgette
No News is Good News by Allie Costa
Op in the Sky by Tom Carrozza   
Parental Control by Deidre L. Fleischer 
Picking Up Stars by Dwayne Yancey   
Pitch Meeting by Mark Harvey Levine
Play by Jordan G. Teicher   
The Play by Matthew Konkel
Play Ball by Pete Mergel   
Quincy by Wayne Maugans   
Robot Beetle by Meny Beriro  
Shots by Christopher Manning Handschuch 
Significant Other by Andy Pilkington
Sleepless by Peter Carrozza
Soup Choice by Matthew Konkel  
Sunny and Luna by Ramona Floyd
Testy by Adam Szudrich
Third Date, Legs of Eight by Marilyn Anne Campbell
Time’s Up by Elizabeth Ostler  
Two Dogs on a Beach by Patrick McCormick 
Victim of Nature by Steve Alguire  
What’s Different? By Thomas J. Misuraca
Winning Ticket by Patrick Gabridge  
The Wish by Matthew Weaver  
With Brotherhood by Rosanne Manfredi