Friday, 13 May 2016

Gi60 2016 US Announces Play Selection!

Huzzah! We are delighted to announce play selection for Gi60 2016 US Edition! 50 plays in 50 minutes, June 9, 10th and 11th, 8:00 pm at the New Workshop Theater in Brooklyn, NY. Specific info will be emailed directly to playwrights. If you don't see your play listed here, remember that Gi60 UK will be performing a different set of 50 in the Fall, and Gi60 New Zealand will be performing another 50 in early August. And now, drum roll....

1)      Addiction by Rosanne Manfredi   (Bayshore, NY)
2)      Amelia, Still by Allie Costa   (Studio City, CA)
3)      All I Have to Do is Look at Her by Steven Korbar  (Torrance, CA)
4)      Benny's Tie  by Kevin Clyne  (East Islip, NY)
5)      The Best I Can Do by Jim MacNerland  (Los Angeles, CA)
6)      The Bigfoot Sighting by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, VA)
7)      Blind Date by Danielle Newby (Leeds, UK)
8)      The Box by Thomas J. Misuraca  (Tarzana, CA)
9)      Daddy’s Law by Jose A. Rivera (Buffalo, NY)
10)  The Divide by Arthur Kriklivy (Brooklyn, NY)
11)  Five Second Rule by Thomas J. Misuraca  (Tarzana, CA)
12)  The Great Tribble Hunt, or Kratok and Kezkhe: A Klingon Opera by Walter Petryk (Portland, OR)
13)  Hayfever by Mark Konik  (Spence, Australia)
14)  The Heavenly Garden by Katerina Ostrova  (Brooklyn, NY)
15)  Hurry Up, Slow Down by Jason Rainey  (Austin, TX) 
16)  I Don’t Want to Grow Up by Holly Bowman (Leeds, UK)
17)  If Heaven Was a Bar by Jennifer Provenza (Sacramento, CA)
18)  If Romeo and Juliet Had Cellphones by Stacey Lane (Miamisburg, OH)
19)  Independent by Nancy Brewka-Clark (Beverly, MA)
20)  Ira and Irving by Steve Ansell (Holmfirth, UK)
21)  It’s Not What You Think by Jay Nickerson (New York, NY)
22)  Jenga Stratagem by B. R. Hoskins  (Chesapeake, VA)
23)  Just the Check, Please by Ivy Vale  (New York, NY)
24)  Life is for the Living by Katherine Harte-DeCoux  (Brooklyn, NY)
25)  Life Support by Charles Leipart  (New York, NY)
26)  A Little More Time by Mark Harvey Levine  (Pasadena, CA)
27)  Look Up by Patrick Delaney  (Brooklyn, NY)
28)  Manbun by Steven Korbar (Torrance, CA)
29)  A Moment of Silence by Dwayne Yancey  (Fincastle, VA)
30)  Oliver Plummets to His Eventual Death by Alex Dremann  (Philadelphia, PA)
31)  Opening Closing by Tom Carrozza    (New York, NY)
32)  Pitstop by Allie Costa    (Studio City, CA)
33)  Sandwiches by Laura Pittenger and Meron Langsner (Boston, MA and New York, NY)
34)  A Second Date, Then by Rhea MacCallum  (Downey, CA)
35)  Senseless Carnage by Dan Morra   (Middletown, PA)
36)  Sexy Syntax by Robin Caroline   (Sparta, NJ)
37)  She Loves Pepsi and He Drinks Coca-Cola by Altenir Silva   (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
38)  So What’s Hard About Consent by Jo Muswell   (London, UK)
39)  Soulmates by Catherine Clyne    (East Islip, NY)
40)  Stains of Revolution by Patrick Gabridge   (Boston, MA) 
41)  Stalingrad by James McLindon    (Northampton, MA)
42)  The Struggle by Janice Kennedy   (Los Angeles, CA)
43)  Superhero by Michelle Markarian   (Cambridge, MA)
44)  Synonymous by Sarah Sorkin  (Miami, FL)
45)  Tag by Mark Harvey Levine   (Pasadena, CA)
46)  There Be No Shelter Here or A Voice for the Voiceless by Eugene Solfanelli  (Brooklyn, NY)
47)  Two Apple Pies by Alex Bernstein   (Cranford, NJ)
48)  Universal Conflict by Matthew Konkel  (Milwaukee, WI)
49)  Venus Square Mars by Paddy Gillard-Bentley  (Waterloo, ON, Canada)
50)  The Wedding Gift by Aurora Stewart de Peña (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Gi60 #NextGen Play Selections!

Gi60 #NextGen is thrilled to announce our selection of the 25 plays for 2016! (This is for #NextGen only - Gi60 US will be announcing their play selections shortly, so stay tuned for that!)

Performances for Gi60 #NextGen will be held:
Friday, June 10th at 8:00pm at the Tantrum Theatre at Acting Out!
Saturday, June 11th at 2:00pm at the New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College
Stay tuned to this blog for live stream information!

Each playwright below can claim a single comp ticket for one of the above performances. Please contact to confirm your ticket.

Many thanks to all of the playwrights who submitted for sharing your stories with us! And now, without further ado, the 2016 Gi60 #NextGen play selections:

Acne by Suzanna Bailie (Kent, Washington)

All the Somebody People by Diana Burbano (Long Beach, California)

Back There by Allie Costa (Studio City, California)

Define Anybody by Jim MacNerland (Los Angeles, California)

Flying by Claudia Haas (White Bear Lake, Minnesota)

Forbidden Love on the Bus by Don Parker (Thousand Oaks, California)

The Guy Who Jumped Into the Zoo by Chris Widney (New York, New York)

Habit by Alex Bernstein

Hey!  by Katherine Harte-DeCoux (Brooklyn, NY)
Hold On by Vicki Graff (San Jose, California)

The Minute Waltz by Lawrence S. Rinkel (Bay Shore, NY)

Old News by Robert E. McCarthy (South Burlington, Vermont)

On My Cell Phone by Erin Moughon (New York, New York)

One by Paul Tinsley (Glenview, Illinois)

A Race Play by Philana Omorotionmwan (Athens, Ohio)

Same Stars, Different Houses by Carol Mullen (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Listen by Derick Edgren (Bronxville, New York)

Sleepwalker by Allie Costa (Studio City, California)

Slipping By by Daniel A. Kelin (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Spark of Originality by Carol Mullen (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Them!  by Daniel A. Kelin (Honolulu, Hawaii)

This Could Be Us, But You Playin' by Derick Edgren (Bronxville, New York)

This Is Not A Drill by Alison Lowenstein (Brooklyn, New York)

A Time to Dance and a Time to Mourn by Jim MacNerland (Los Angeles, California)

Time to Go by Suzanne Bailie (Kent, Washington)