Tuesday 16 May 2017

Gi60 US Live Edition 2017 Play Selection

Gi60 International One Minute Theatre Festival: US Edition is thrilled to announce play selections for 2017! Our deepest thanks to all of the writers who submitted so many extraordinary plays this year. The following 50 will be performed on June 8, 9 and 10 at 8:00 pm in the New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College, New Yawk:
1) An American Conversation by Len Jenkin (Accord, NY) 
2) Apocalypso by Mark Harvey Levine (Pasadena, CA) 
3) Back Story by Bill Grabowski (Huntington, NY) 
4) Brace for Impact by Alison Lowenstein (Brooklyn, NY) 
5) Called Out by Daniel Burns (Boulder, CO) 
6) Can’t Even by Brewster Device (Brooklyn, NY) 
7) Carrie and Debbie on the Other Side by Michelle Markarian (Cambridge, MA) 
8) Chick Flick by Sandra Hosking (Newman Lake, WA) 
9) Coming Home by Emily Daly (New York, NY) 
10) Cookies and Milk by Stephen Korbar (Torrance, CA) 
11) Dead Wood by Vivian Lermond (Columbus, OH) 
12) Digging Myself Deeper In by Judy Klass (Nashville, TN) 
13) Does My Butt Look Big? by Rhea MacCallum (Downey, CA)
14) Eat Your Words by Jim MacNerland (Los Angeles, CA) 
15) Fans by Barry M. Putt, Jr. (Somerset, NJ) 
16) A Framing Device – The Frame by Mark Harvey Levine (Pasadena, CA) 
17) The Fun Never Ends by Ted Wenskus (Rochester, NY)
18) Get a Clue by Ted Wenskus (Rochester, NY) 
19) Go Dough Bro by Adrienne Dawes (Austin, TX) 
20) Good Neighbors by Diane Lefer (Los Angeles, CA)
21) Grassy Knees by Ana Bell (New York, NY) 
22) Gutbuster by Alex Bernstein (Cranford, NJ) 
23) Honest Feedback by Dan Morra (Middletown, PA) 
24) How Ma Hunkel Became the Red Tornado by Stephen Gracia (Brooklyn, NY) 
25) Immigrant Nation by Ramona Floyd (New York, NY) 
26) Inner Dog Thoughts by Patrick Delaney (Brooklyn, NY) 
27) Ira and Irving by Steve Ansell (Holmfirth, UK)
28) It’s in the Script by Gary Wadley (Louisville, KY) 
29) Just Can’t be Bothered Today by Terry Collins (Harrogate, UK)
30) Let Him Eat Cake by Vivian Lermond (Columbus, OH)
31) Lovebirds by Allie Costa (Los Angeles, CA)
32) Mrs. Pavlov’s Secret by Dan Morra (Middletown, PA) 
33) Natural Wonder by David Storck (Savannah, GA)
34) Nibon by Meron Langsner and Laura Pittenger (New York, NY)
35) The Nightmare by Aurora Stewart de Peña (Toronto, ON, Canada) 
36) Nothing But the Shirt Off Your Back by Eugene Solfanelli (Brooklyn, NY)
37) November Dreaming by Rosanne Manfredi (Bay Shore, NY)
38) One Awkward Minute by Alexandra Slater (Harlem, NY) 
39) Pausing Shakespeare by Alex Bernstein (Cranford, NJ)
40) Prom Pix by Tom Carrozza (New York, NY) 
41) Proof of Self by Julia Lederer (Toronto, ON, Canada) 
42) Proverbs by Donna Latham (Houston, TX)
43) Pulling Weeds by Karin Fazio Littlefield (Brooklyn, NY)
44) Saving Spike by Marilyn Anne Campbell (Etobicoke, ON, Canada) 
45) The 6 Stages of loss – of your cellphone by Rosanne Manfredi (Bay Shore, NY) 
46) Stargazing by Asher Wyndham (Minneapolis, MN) 
47) Surprise by Catherine Clyne (Babylon, NY)
48) Upkeep by Patrick McCormick (Brooklyn, NY) 
49) Watching Bird Watching by Ramona Floyd (New York, NY) 
50) The Whore of Babylon Applies for a Job by Aurora Stewart de Peña (Toronto, ON, Canada)