Monday, 30 May 2011

Gi60 2011 selected plays

This years plays...
If we haven't got some of your info please let email us.

Gi60 2011: Final List of Plays for U.S. Venue:

1. And What a Fine Morning It Is, Trace Crawford  
2. Basket, Ron Burch, Los Angeles, CA
3. Cheaptix, Rosanne Manfredi, Bay Shore, NY
4. Cheer Up! Miles Butler, Brooklyn, NY
5. Checkered Past, Stacey Lane, Miamisburg, OH
6. Chicken on the Side of Road, Dwayne Yancey, Fincastle, WV
7. Circle of Star, Bruce Shearer, Melbourne, Australia
8. The Clown History of Warfare, John Lordan, Evanston, IL
9. Collar Bones, Tim Ericksson, New York, NY
10. The Cowboy and Jester, Rand Higbee, Hager City, WI
11. Cycles of the Moon, Jae Kamisen
12. The Dark, Aurora Stewart de Peña, Toronto, Canada
13. Deep Into October, Dwayne Yancey, Fincastle, WV
14. Do-Wop Ditty, Patricia Lin, New York, NY
15. A Drink w Myself, Victoria Daly, New York, NY  
16. Dog Walkers, Fordhollow              
17. Exit, Ruben Carbajal, Brooklyn, NY
18. A Foggy Day in a Certain Part of Scotland, Mark Harvey Levine, Pasadena, CA
19. Fork Peter Etherington, Leeds, UK
20. Freshman Experience, Dan Morra, Middletown, PA
21. The History of Dance, Alex Dremann, Philadelphia, PA
22. Illness, Jim MacNerland, Los Angeles, CA
23. Inside Out, Steven Ayckbourn, Scarborough, UK
24. The Last Sliver, Catherine Noah, Medford, OR  
25. Life is a Game Show, Joe Fontana Brooklyn, NY
26. Losing on the Winning End, Sonora Chase, New York, NY
27. Head Screw, Alan Jozwiak, Cincinnati, OH
28. Maggie, Alex Bernstein, Cranford, NJ
29. Mound Conference, Tom Moran, Fairbanks, AK
30. My Best Friend, Yohanan Kaldi, Tel Aviv, Israel
31. Nothing, Kevin Clyne, Bethpage, NY
32. Palintology, Steve Ansell, Leeds, UK
33. Parent Teacher, Arthur M. Jolly, Marina del Rey,CA  
34. Pass the Green Beans, Rhea McCallum, Downey, CA
35. Pizazzoline, Tom Carrozza, New York, NY
36. The Recycling Gang, Ivy Vale, New York, NY
37. A Relief, Jenny Grosdas, London, UK
38. Slow As You Can, Steve Kaliski, Brooklyn, NY
39. Soapbox, Eoin Carney, Pittsburgh, PA
40. So You Know, Ron Fromstein, Toronto, CA
41. Spading, Alex Broun, Greenwich, Australia
42. Spying, Sara Farrington, Brooklyn, NY
43. Tech No Language, Mack Exilus , Queens, NY
44. Voice and Dictation, Helen Huff, New York, NY
45. Vows, Claudia Haas, White Bear Lake,MN
46. Walking Into the Dawn, John Hawkhead, Somerset, UK
47. Wave Farewell, Hugh Cardiff, Dublin, Ireland
48. Welcome Back Home, Frank Solorzano, Brooklyn, NY
49. When, Anthony Ponzio, Brooklyn, NY
50. World Dissosiaton, Robert Castle, Collingswood, NJ

Gi60 2011: Final List of Plays for UK Venue:

1. Tim Eriksson, More Than Words, New York, NY
2. Luke Galloway, Gone in 60, Harrogate, UK
3. Matt Johnson, Lamenting Darkness, Harrogate, UK
4. Anthony Ponzio, Open, wide, New York, US
5. Aurora Stewart de Peña, Birds, Toronto, Canada
6. Jordan Tucker, The Duel, Pontefract,UK
7. Ron Morelli, Paper Cut, Michigan, USA
8. Hedley Brown, The Skeptical Skeptic, Leeds, UK
9. Amy L Bernstein, Here, then gone, Baltimore, Maryland, US
10. Lorna Poustie, Intermission
11. Kieran Borchard, Cuts, Harrogate North Yorkshire, UK
12. Ray Castleton, The Interview, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
13. Alex Bernstein, A Qualified apology, Cranford, New Jersey, NJ
14. Joel Dean, Playwright, York, UK
15. Mack Exilus, 90% vs 10%, Queens, New York, US
16. Dwayne Yancey, Christmas Music, Fincastle, Virginia, USA
17. Terry Collins, The Power of Negative Thinking, Harrogate, UK
18. Richard Nathan, KETRULIS, THE ELDER GOD
19. Amy Ignatow, Friendly, USA
20. Anton Krasauskas, Fear of filing, Castleford, UK
21. Olivia Arieti, Discounts, Italy
22. Yohanan Kaldi, Martha... Martha, Tel Aviv, Israel
23. Emily Lawrenson, Giftwrap, Harrogate, UK
24. Rosanne Manfredi, Thoughts on a funeral, Bay Shore New York, US
25. Catherine Russo, Java jibberish, Medford, New York, USA
26. Meron Langsner, The One Minute, Non Musical, LA BOHEME for one or more actors, USA
27. Mark Harvey Levine, Pickles, Pasadena, California, USA
28. Joel Dean,Pickles, York, North Yorkshire, UK
29. Steven Ayckbourn, Trip of a lifetime, Scarborough, UK
30. Steven Ayckbourn, Outside in, Scarborough, UK
31. Laurel Lockhart, Jim, New York,US
32. David Clegg, Wind Blown Cherry Blossoms, Harrogate, UK
33. Thomas J. Misuraca, Last Date First, Tarzana, California, USA
34. Altenir Silva, Life, Love, Lost, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
35. Ron Burch, Beer Fairy, Los Angeles, CA, US
36. Eoin Carney, Talk, Pittsburgh, USA
37. Ibrahim Baba Lawan, The Fun 2011, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
38. Will Keyes Byrn, One Pain Is Less'ned By Another's Anguish, Sydney, Australia
39. Alex Dremann, A Tragic Story, Philadelphia, USA
40. Nancy Lombardo, It isn't everyday, New York, US
41. Rose Burnett Bonczek, Pirate's Day, Brooklyn, New York, USA
42. Aaron Alon, Devine Justice, Pearland, Texas, USA
43. Alex Bernstein, Nothing, Cranford New Jersey, USA
44. Jess West, Lost Bag, York, North Yorkshire, UK
45. Liberty Hutchinson, Cat & dog, York, North Yorkshire, UK
46. Ted Wenskus, Budget from Hell, Rochester, New York, USA
47. (Yr5) St Francis’ Catholic Primary School, The Baddest Boy in Town, London, UK
48. Jordan Tucker, The Epic Struggle, Pontefract, UK
49. Jasmine Bown, Soundtrack, Dominican Republic
50. Oscar Allen, Sci-Fi Soap Opera, Otley, West Yorkshire, UK

Monday, 16 May 2011

Gi60 New York - How it all started

Gi60 Director Rose Burnett Bonczek on the history of Gi60 in New York and to Brooklyn College

When Steve first invited me and the New York gang to join Gi60, I had no clue what that meant. At all. I only knew from having worked with Steve in the past, that when he invited you to a party, you said 'yes, and...'. My colleagues in the department of theater at Brooklyn College kind of scratched their heads and said 'OK, that sounds weird, but sure, go ahead.' They gave us the theater, tech support, and I gathered students, alums, and 'Pros from Dover'; professional actors to serve as mentors for our students, and to be calming voices of experience should this evening of fifty plays jump the rails - a very real possibility. One of my acting students, Randall Ehrmann, was a double major in film - and as my nickname was and is "The Luddite", he walked me through the finer points of filming, the technology needed to eventually upload the plays to the web, and he grabbed two friends to ‘volunteer’ as camera operators. We borrowed three separate cameras, none of the equipment really matched, and we had only one performance to get it right.

On the night of the show, we had more people in the New Workshop Theater than I had ever seen in that space. Sold out; people were sitting on steps, we snuck others in to the booth, and others huddled near the camera operators having made a solemn vow not to breath or sneeze during the filming. The actors and I looked at each other before going on. I still remember my dear friend and damn fine actress Joan Lunoe looking at me before the show and saying 'Rose, I have no idea what's going to happen.' I looked at her and said 'Neither do I.' I'm sure that was reassuring to hear from one's director... I gave a pre show speech, clapped hands for slate, and we were off. Fifty plays. In fifty minutes. The energy from the audience was insane, I mean utterly, kinetically, joyfully insane. They had never seen anything like it. We had never done anything like it. We not only made it through, but at the end, the audience went crazy. They shouted, applauded, stomped, snorted, and were - well - giddy is the only word that comes to mind. We had done it. We performed 50 plays. In one night. The audience knew something special had just been born; and so did we.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Few Words From...

Gi60 Writer
Steven Ayckbourn (UK) 

Tell us who you are in ten words?
A frustrated sleep walker - dreaming he is awake.

What was the title and year of your first Gi60 entry?
Spelling Lesson”

What do you think of Gi60 and the One minute play format?
It shouldn’t really work, but it seems to - more often than not.

All our plays are recorded and posted on the web for worldwide viewing. What do you think of this unique element of Gi60?
Handy if you can’t see the original. All theatre is better live.

Do you have a favourite playwright?
I don’t have favourites, only memorable moments by various writers. Orton, Chekhov, Waugh jump to mind - and then there’s Shakespeare…

Why? (10 words or less)? 
Why is it I like green tea while others don’t?

Give us your link (your own website, writers group, forum, blog, publisher, review etc.)

Final Word: 
Words are wonderful for entertaining, but hopeless for explaining.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thank you for all your submissions

The submission deadline for Gi60 Live 2011 has now passed and with over 500 tiny plays submitted we have an exciting and long process ahead, reading, discussing and choosing the final 100. Thank you to everybody who submitted.

best regards

Steve and Rose