Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Few Words From...

Gi60 Writer
Steven Ayckbourn (UK) 

Tell us who you are in ten words?
A frustrated sleep walker - dreaming he is awake.

What was the title and year of your first Gi60 entry?
Spelling Lesson”

What do you think of Gi60 and the One minute play format?
It shouldn’t really work, but it seems to - more often than not.

All our plays are recorded and posted on the web for worldwide viewing. What do you think of this unique element of Gi60?
Handy if you can’t see the original. All theatre is better live.

Do you have a favourite playwright?
I don’t have favourites, only memorable moments by various writers. Orton, Chekhov, Waugh jump to mind - and then there’s Shakespeare…

Why? (10 words or less)? 
Why is it I like green tea while others don’t?

Give us your link (your own website, writers group, forum, blog, publisher, review etc.)

Final Word: 
Words are wonderful for entertaining, but hopeless for explaining.

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