Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Gi60 2011 US and UK Festival - Thank You!

Our great thanks to everyone who made Gi60 2011: The International One Minute Play Festival a huge success: the playwrights, acting company, directors, stage managers, designers, film supervisors and film crew, and most of all our dedicated audiences. Thank you to the UK audience members who braved the elements and attended at the Viaduct Theatre. The rain couldn't dampen your enthusiasm or support! Thank you to the US audiences who conquered the maze of construction barriers to find the New Workshop Theater at Brooklyn College, and who gave so generously of their energy and wallets (we raised a little over $2,000.00 for next year's scholarship fund). More details on both events to follow.
Gi60 US plays will begin the editing process this week, and we hope to post to the Gi60 Channel on YouTube by late August - Gi60 UK plays may be available much sooner! Check this site for announcement of dates.
Thank you, and next stop: Gi60 Channel on YouTube and BBC Big Screen!!

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  1. well it was as always a great evening. Well paced. With wicked humor ,drama, and intrigue! As one who has attend GI6o for the last six years I can honestly say it gets better each year. The ensemble has gotten stronger and sharper. These actors get to use the whole tool box it just 50 minutes. That takes talent,intellect and tenacity ( and in to the case of the dinosaurs flexibilty!). The plays well its amazing what can be packed into one mintue.Again its a example of the common themes that criss cross the globe,that we all respond to.I love the sense of being "in" on something thats evoling right before your eyes.Then to be able to see it all again to share it with friends on the internet.
    And a personal plea to Mr. Ansell do not let the comet careen into our sage dinosaur friends!The temperature can't drop or it will really be Palintology!
    THX for another wonderful evening
    Terry Clarkson Farrell