Friday, 8 June 2012

Gi60 UK Live Edition revised (and final) play list

1              Alex Bernstein                                  Possible Opening Lines
2              Ramona Floyd                                  One
3              Amy Ignatow                                     Not Even if
4              Daniel Clements                              Negotiating With Terrorists
5              Bill Hodson                                       What’s in a name?
6              Anton Krasauskas                           The Clincher
7              Oscar Allen                                       Monster face
8              Tom Carrozza                                  Closed but Open
9              Terry Collins                                     The Quizzer Who Came To Tea
10           Dwayne Yancey                                Liberal Arts Pirates
11           Janine Smith                                     YOUNG AND NAÏVE?
12           Dee Grijak                                         Stone
13           ‘Doc’ Andersen-Bloomfield             Charlie
14           Mark Harvey Levine                          Dowsing
15           Tom Carrozza                                    No Stranger to Heartache
16           David Muncaster                               Everything’s a Pound
17           Barry Hobbs                                      Enjoy every sandwich
18           Jim MacNerland                               Silence is Golden
19           Jasmine Bown                                  Superzero
20           Ekaterina Ostrova                            Ghosts
21           Meron Langsner                               Schrodinger’s Curiousity
22           Ramona Floyd                                  RU a Ghost
23           Mark Smith                                        Bacteria
24           Dean Clough                                     Grandma’s Block Steps
25           S. L. Daniels                                      Emotional Rollercoaster
26           Janine Smith                                      Reigning in the Crazy
27           Terry Collins                                      Bed Bug’s Day Out
28           Altenir Silva                                       The Dinner
29           Jamie Evans                                     Pitch
30           Anthony R. Ponzio                           This Blank Page
30           Maude Lambert                                The Exam           
31           Arlene Malinowski                             Dog Days
33           Kay Poiro                                           Wrong House
34           Catherine Russo                               Golden Anniversary
35           Jacob Mole                                        The Impractical Assassin
36           Bruce Shearer                                   Crumbs
37           Dan Morra                                          What You wish For
38           Ted Wenskus                                     Penance
39           Thomas J. Misuraca                         On the Nose
40           Irene Ziegler                                      GRTC
41           Steve Winchcombe                         Breathe
42           Julian Kaufman                                 Hotspot
43           Michael W Moon                             Calling the King
44           Joel Dean                                          The Sea of a Thousand Yesterdays
45           Emily Lawrenson                              On the Other Side
46           Anthony R. Ponzio                           Who
47           Dwayne Yancey                                Busier Than
48           Ivy Vale                                              Deal With It
49           Bill Grabowski                                    Holiday Season
50           Julian Kaufman                                 Flying Into the Jaws of Doom

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