Saturday, 9 June 2012

Gi60 US Live Edition: Live streaming

Gi60 has always been at the forefront of theatre and technology (we even beat You Tube by 5 months). We are committed to the idea of the global ensemble and US Live edition Director Rose Bonczek, her colleagues and collaborators have been working very hard to make Gi60 even more accessible.  The Gi60 US Live edition being performed tonight and tomorrow (Fri 8 & Sat 9 8.00pm US EST) and will, for the first time, be streamed live over the internet. We are all extremely excited about this experiment which marks the next step in the evolution of the Gi60 project and our global ensemble. I would like to say a huge thank you to Rose Bonczek, the cast and crew of the Gi60 Live Edition and to Brooklyn College for their continued enthusiasm, support and development of the Gi60 Festival. Gi60 is the most dynamic and accessible theatre event in the world, the live streaming of the US Live edition provides further evidence of this.

If you would like to be parrt of the Gi60 US Live edition on line audience please watch the live streams via the URL's below.

With best regards

Steve Ansell

Here are three URL's - we're told that the second or third one is best for our out of town contributors:

1) mms://
2) mms://
3) mms://


  1. Actually, the link for the G160 Live - Brooklyn USA is the mms:// address. The other two are for testing. Your browser should have the latest updates and you also need to have an up-to-date media player. Enjoy the show!

  2. post is good but need images of GI60 US Live edition live stream.