Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gi60 UK Live edition the 2013 plays...

Gi60 UK Live Edition 2013
Vic Allen Otherwise
Will Arbery Matching
Eric Auld Last word
Rachel Avison 'Chuck, Charity' Cherish'
Rachel Bublitz Dealing with Death
Ron Burch Zombie speed dating
Ruban Carbajal Solstice
Sabrina Cataudella I sit alone
Allie Costa Seven
Matthew Lomax Immortal
Joel Dean The Lost Art
CJ Ehrlich The things they don't tell us
Ramona Floyd Four
Krishna Francis Oh No
Patrick Gabridge Superman Out
Luke Galloway Googlemails party
Amy Gijsbers van Wijk Pros & Cons
Claire Girvan Everybody needs good neighbours
Steve Goldman Apple
Charles Hall Cabin Pressure
Jessica Hilton Nervous
Jessica Hilton No 56
Margaret Holbrook Talk to me
Peter Hsieh To change ones profile picture for the purpose of activism
Amy Ignatow Unconciously 
Alan Jozwiak Persistence pays
Yohanan Kaldi Socks
Julian Kaufman Wolf from the door
Julian Kaufman The Slaughter
Shirley King Fire! Fire!
Vincent Krasauskas "Drama (A Comedy)"
John Levine The Conference
Jim MacNerland In a facebook Minute
Michael Mayere Tasking Tango
James McLindon Loss
Christian Neuhaus Phaust
Jay Nickerson Just cut it
Lydia Rain Neighbours
Juan Ramirez Dad & Son
Nelly Reyes Argh
Esmee Sanders Network
Ted Wenskus Bad Boy
Ted Wenskus Timing is everything
Suzanne Whang An open letter to Cancer
Leo Woods Mental Hospital 
Dwayne Yancey Three trees talking
Dwayne Yancey The whole wide world
Dwayne Yancey This is the captain speaking
Dan Morra Real friends
John Hawkhead Mother Morphine

Gi60 UK Live Edition 10-4-10 Winners

To celebrate 10 years of Gi60 UK Live we set out to find ten new writers who had never had never submitted work to Gi60 before. Over fifty writers applied but in the end we chose just seven. Over the next seven days we will be posting a little more information about each writer but for now we would just like to congratulate:

Krishna Franacis
Esmee Saunders
Steve Goldman
Margaret Holbrook
Lydia Rain Vincent
Jess Hilton

Monday, 13 May 2013

Gi60 2013 Live U.S. Announces Play Selection:

Gi60 Live US Edition is proud to announce the fifty plays selected for production at the New Workshop Theatre, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY: performances on June 7 and 8, at 8:00 pm. Tickets: $12.00 (for ticket info, please visit Playwrights who attend can receive a single comp - all proceeds go to the Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award, a student scholarship to assist undergraduate theater majors at BC. Our great thanks to everyone who submitted, and we hope to see you at the show! (UK selections will be posted soon - please keep checking this site!)

1)  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 by Aurora Stewart de Pena (Toronto, ON)
2)  The Admitted by Ruben Carbajal (Jersey City, NJ)
3)  Alien Abduction by Thomas J. Misuraca  (Tarzana, CA)
4)  And That’s That by Ron Fromstein   (Toronto, ON)
5) Art in the Afternoon (Corporate Art) by Laurel Lockhart (New York, NY)
6)  The Author by Jim MacNerland (Los Angeles, CA)
7)  The Author's Autopsy by Stacey Lane   (Miamisburg, OH)
8) Back to Work by Kevin Jones (Cardiff, Wales)
9)  Borscht by Anthony Ponzio  (Brooklyn, NY)
10)  Brass Monkeys by Clare Girvan (Exeter, UK)
11) Bully by Aurora Stewart de Pena  (Toronto, ON)
12) A Cold, Chill Night by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk  (Brooklyn, NY)
13) The Credit Card Application by David MacGregor (Howell, MI)
14) Crib Talk by Suzanne Whang (Marina Del Rey, CA)
15)  Cumulonimbus by John Levine  (Berkeley, CA)
16)  Deckchairs by Julian Kaufman  (Woodford Green, UK)
17)  Dissed  by Ivy Vale (New York, NY)
18) Financial Aid by Patrick Gabridge (Brookline, MA)
19) Fishing for Men by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, VA)
20) Four Thirty at the Barn by Tim Dincheon (New York, NY)
21)  For the Wrong Reason by Ekaterina Ostrova (Brooklyn, NY)
22) Harvesting Fall Tomatoes by Patrick Galbridge (Brookline, MA)
23) How You've Grown by Ceclia Rakar (Brookline, MA)
24) Info Heaven by Alex Bernstein   (Cranford, NJ)
25) Ira and Irving Adventures by Steve Ansell  (Holmfirth, UK)
26) Is Jim Dead? By Nancy Brewka-Clark  (Beverly, MA)
27) Last Chance Saloon by John Hawkhead (Yeovil, Somerset, UK)
28)  The Longest Minutes by Rosanne Manfredi  (Bayshore, NY)
29)  Love Finds a Way by Mark Harvey Levine (Pasadena, CA)
30)  A Man Alone by Enrique Acosta (Bakersfield, CA)
31)  Mirror Mirror on the Wall by Anthony Ponzio (Brooklyn, NY)
32)  My Buddy John by Meron Langsner (Boston, MA)
33)  Oh Baby! By Jennifer Provenza (Sacramento, CA)
34)  Park Bench by Suzanne Whang (Marina Del Rey, CA)
35)  Persistence Pays by Alan Jozwiak (Cincinnati, OH)
36)  Ripple Effect by Janis Butler Holm (Athens, OH)
37) The Rough with the Smooth by Terry Collins  (Harrogate, UK)
38)  The Runaway by Jiana Manning and the COVO Drama Club. Teacher: Mr. Farrell
                        (Queens, NY)
39)  The Same by Jim MacNerland (Los Angeles, CA)
40)  Sheila Showers by Tom Carrozza (New York, NY)
41)  Skin Deep by Deirdre Fleisher  (Brooklyn, NY
42)  Stage Fright by Mike Flanagan (Cortland Manor, NY)
43)  Steam Rats by Suzann Bailie  (Seattle, WA)
44)  The Thing That Rings by Michele Markarian (Cambridge, MA)
45)  Three by Ramona Floyd (New York, NY)
46)  Trip of a Lifetime by Erin Grogan (Eden, NY)
47)  Tree by Peter Hsieh (San Jose, CA)
48) The United States of Graceland by Liam Cole (Everett, WA)
49)  World War II: A Concise, Illustrated History by John J. Conley (Baltimore, MD)
50) You’re the Best Man by Schylar Westbrook (Brooklyn, NY)