Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Arthur Sutcliffe: One actor and ten years of tiny plays

Gi60 has undergone a greet many changes since it first premiered at the Harrogate Theatre studio in 2004 as part of the Write On new writing festival. Gi60 is now an international event, The Gi60 UK Live edition has been performed in five different spaces in three seperate theatres (Harrogate Theatre , stage@leeds Leeds and our current home at Dean Clough, Halifax) and the festival now boasts its own blog, you tube channel and facebook sites. Gi60 has evolved and one actor has seen that evolution first hand. Arthur Sutcliffe performed in the very first 'Gi60 UK Live edition' and has performed in every Live edition since. Artthur is the only actor to have appeared in all nine previous annual festivals (sadly he missed the G(hosts)i60 event as he was out of the country) and we are extremely pleased that Arthur will be part of the cast for Gi60 UK Live edition 2013.

As this is also Arthurs 10th Gi60 Anniversary we thought it would only be appropriate to speak to him:

"I first got involved with Gi60 as a member of the Harrogate Theatre Youth Group when Gi60 was just a small cast performing in the studio. I have been acting since I was six years old and have been in many Harrogate Theatre Youth Theatre productionsd and Pantomime's. I was unable to take part in G(hostsi60 as I was working at Saint Joseph Secondary School in ghana assisting with teaching (I even tried to start a Ghana Gi60). I have been involved with Gi60 from the start and have had the privaledge to perform many wonderful plays in some fantstaic environments. It's had its up's and downs but it is always a hugely enjoyable to work with so many amazing people."

I can honestly say that Gi60 UK Live edition wouldn't be the same without Arthur. His skills as an actor on and off stage together with his wisdom, intelligence, support and kindness of spirit are a large part of what makes Gi60 so much fun to return to year after year (he also has access to some brilliant costumes :O)  ). He can play a household pet, a superhero or a lost soul looking for love with equal dexterity and always knows where his blocks should be set. 2014 will be Gi60's tenth International year, a real milestone for us and we have some really exciting things planned to celebrate this monumental occasion. We all hope that once again the name Arthur Sutcliffe will be on the cast list.

Thanks Arthur.

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