Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday, June 8: Gi60 Live US Edition will Stream Live tonight too!

If you missed last night's AMAZING opening night of Gi60 Live US Edition, and the torrential epic rains kept you away - COME TONIGHT, June 8, CURTAIN AT 8:00 PM!

If distance or work is keeping you away - watch Gi60 Live US LIVE STREAM tonight - the signal will be up by 7:00, performance starting around 8:00 (hoping we don't have to hold house because of monsoons again...)  I understand only one of the addresses that we sent works - I don't know which one that is!  But try them both - the signal appeared to be very strong, and audio good - and if you watched last night Live Stream, PLEASE let us know your experience of it and feedback. and if you attended last night, let us know your response to the show.

But if you're IN the UK - GO SEE Gi60 LIVE UK EDITION - LIVE AND IN PERSON!!!  The Viaduct Theatre, Halifax, UK - Break a leg!!


  1. We watched every last minute of it on a PC in Beverly, MA. And loved every minute of it too.Rose, thanks for the huge effort it takes to put this together. It was brilliant.

  2. Thank you so much Nancy, we're thrilled to hear this! We've loved working on your play, and are delighted the signal was strong and clear and you could watch the whole event. There's a good possibility the tech folks of Brooklyn College will put the performance up on the website - I'll let you know, in case you'd like to share with folks (or watch again!). Thank you for the kind words - we'll be mailing programs to all playwrights in a week or so... all the best, Rose

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