Monday, 7 April 2014

Gi60 announces Ten4Ten 2014 "What have you been doing for the last ten years"?

Gi60 Ten4Ten 2014:
“What have you been doing for the last ten years….?”

In 2013 Gi60 UK celebrated 10yrs as a one minute Theatre festival and as part of our celebrations we launched Ten-4-Ten which highlighted the work of ten UK based playwrights new to Gi60. 2014 marks Gi60’s tenth anniversary as The Worlds One and Only International One Minute Theatre Festival and to celebrate this milestone we are producing extended Gi60 Live performances in the UK and US featuring our usual 100 premieres as well as the Gi60 Top 60 featuring the sixty most popular/profound/interesting/individual Gi60 plays of the last decade. We also want to celebrate our most important asset, the Gi60 writing community. With this in mind we are launching Ten4Ten 2014. unlike the UK Ten-4-Ten that ran in 2013 Ten4Ten 2014 is open to all writers, whether you have written for Gi60 before or not.

So what is Ten4Ten 2014?
Gi60 has always, whether consciously or not, reflected and refracted the world around it and with Ten4Ten 2014 we are looking for plays that take as their inspiration significant events of last ten years, These can be events of global significance or personal significance just as long as they are rooted in the last decade.
We will choose the best ten ‘Ten4Ten 2014’ submissions (hopefully inspired by a diverse range of events and years) and produce five plays at each of the Gi60 live events. Each writer will be featured on our blog and publicity and the Gi60 Ten4Ten plays will be available to view on You Tube individually as part of the Gi60 Channel or viewed together chronologically . If you would like to be considered for ‘Gi60 Ten4Ten 2014’ please apply in the usual way by emailing your script to by Mon 28th April with the subject line ‘Ten4Ten 2014. Please also include a one sentence description of the event and year your play was inspired by.
For full details of how to apply to Gi60 visit our facebook page or go to our blog at:

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