Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Gi60 2015 Live US - Tickets Now Available!

Gi60 2015 Live US Edition will perform on Thursday June 11, Friday June 12 and Saturday June 13 at 8:00 pm at the New Workshop Theater at Brooklyn College. Ticket prices are $15, $12 for seniors, $10 with student ID (please!).  For tickets please visit:

Monday, 18 May 2015

Gi60 #NextGen 2015 Announces Play Selection!

Gi60 #NextGen is proud to announce our play selections for 2015! Performances will be held June 12th and June 13th
June 12th will be at 8pm in the Tantrum Theatre at Acting Out! (7426 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)
June 13th will be at 2pm in the New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College.
Each playwright below can claim a single comp ticket for either performance. Many thanks to all of the playwrights who submitted for sharing your stories with us! And now, without further ado, the 2015 Gi60 #NextGen play selections:
1) Anniversary by Allie Costa (Studio City, California)
2) An Unexpected Cheese Party by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, Virginia)
3) Aspirations by Robin Pond (Toronto, Ontario)
4) Bus Stop by Thomas J. Misuraca (Tarzana, California)
5) Cherish Is The Word by Dan Morra (Middletown, PA)
Choosy Beggars by Thomas J. Misuraca (Tarzana, California)
 7) Desperately Seeking by Robin Pond (Toronto, Ontario)
 8) The Elephant In The Room by Alex Bernstein
 9) Emotional Self-Mutilation by Julia Lederer (Toronto, Ontario)
 10) The Fountain of Too Much Youth by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, Virginia)
 11) The Gold Dubloon by Barry M. Putt, Jr. (Somerset, NJ)
 12) It’s In The Cards by Maureen Brady Johnson (Oberlin, Ohio)
 13) The Last Level by Ted Wenskus (Rochester, NY)
 14) Life Lessons by Martha Patterson (Boston, Massachusetts)
 15) The Little Red Hen by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, Virginia)
 16) Lunch Barter by Robin Pond (Toronto, Ontario)
 17) The Peanut Butter Police by Alan Jozwiak (Cincinnati, Ohio)
 18) The Rehearsal by Julia Coyle (Leeds, UK)
 19) Sadie’s Stalker by Rhea MacCallum (Downey, California)
 20) Sock It To Me by Allie Costa (Coldwater Canyon, California)
 21) That’s So Meta by Walter Petryk (Brooklyn, New York)
 22) To Begin by Carol M. Rice (Plano, Texas)
 23) Weird Connections by Andrea Fleck Clardy (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)
 24) What Did You Think? by Carol M. Rice (Plano, Texas)
 25) The Witches Hat by Theodore McGee (New York, NY)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Gi60 US 2015 Announces Play Selection

We're delighted to announce Gi60 US Live Editions play selection for 2015 - performances will be June 11, 12 and 13 at the New Workshop Theater at Brooklyn College at 8:00 pm. Each playwright below can claim a single comp ticket for a performance - all proceeds go to a scholarship fund that supports undergraduate theater majors at Brooklyn College. Our great thanks to all of the playwrights who submitted, and thank you everyone for the wonderful stories you created.

1)      9/11 Anniversary by Rhea MacCallum  (Downey, CA)
2)      The Bench by Olivia Artieti    (Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy)
3)      The Black Dinner by Walter Petryk    (Portland, OR)
4)      Catch and Release by Jay Nickerson  (Brooklyn, NY)
5)      The Choice by Stephen Kaplan  (Bogota, NJ)
6)      Coat Dance by Cecilia Raker  (Boston, MA)
7)      Dammit by Shannon McDavod  (Milford, MI)
8)      The Delicate Grace of a Severed Limb by Stephen Gracia  (Brooklyn, NY)
9)      Dissolution by Allie Costa  (Studio City, CA)
10)  The Drill by Stephen Kaplan  (Bogota, NJ)
11)  Firm Judgment by Daniel Burns  (Houston, TX)
12)  First Step by Kat Ramsburg  (New York, NY)         
13)  The Fish Tank by Shara Feit  (Riverdale, NY)
14)  Friendship by Altenir Silva  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
15)  Haunted Theater by Rosanne Manfredi  (Bayshore, NY)
16)  The Hidden Stream by Anna Shotter  (Huddersfield, UK)
17)  Hold On Halloween by Peter Gabridge (Brookline, MA)
18)  Ira and Irving’s Adventures by Steve Ansell  (Holmfirth, UK)
19)  Imperfect Angels by John Weagley  (Chicago, IL)
20)  Juliet's Epilogue by Tess Light  (Los Alamos, NM)
21)  The Kettle by Steven Korbar  (Torrance, CA)
22)  Liquidity by Alex Bernstein  (Cranford, NJ)
23)  Listening Off Beat by Eugene Solfanelli  (Brooklyn, NY)
24)  The Lye by Sandra Hosking (Newman Lake, WA)
25)  Maybe by Peter Hsieh  (San Jose, CA)
26)  Mousetrap by Tess Sullivan (Christchurch, New Zealand)
27)  The Next Stop Is… by Corey Pajka (Brooklyn, NY)
28)  Now We Wait by Mark Harvey Levine (Pasadena, CA)
29)  Position Elimination by Catherine Jean Mazzeo  (Islip, NY)
30)  Rape Noir by Jim MacNerland  (Los Angeles, CA)
31)  A Reunion by Patrick Connelly (New York, NY)
32)  Saving Inge by Loy Webb   (Chicago, IL)
33)  Seven Eight by Ramona Floyd  (New York, NY)
34)  Something New by Sandra Hosking (Newman Lake, WA)
35)  Sorry by Nick Dawkins (Leeds, UK)
36)  Sudden Death by Nancy Brewka-Clark  (Beverly, MA)
37)  Swan Song by R.A. Pauli  (Annapolis, MD)
38)  Sympathy for the Devil by Ivy Vale  (New York, NY)
39)  Take Mental Pictures by Aurora Stewart de Peña  (Toronto, ON)
40)  There Are No Cellphones in Shakespeare by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, VA)
41)  Thingz by Tom Carrozza  (New York, NY)
42)  This Ball by Eugene Solfanelli  (Brooklyn, NY)
43)  Threshold by Malena Eljumaily (Santa Rosa, CA)
44)  Timetable by Matthew Konkel (Milwaukee, WI)
45)  Translation by Jason Rainey (Austin, TX)
46)  You’re the Only One of You I’ve Got by Aurora Stewart de Peña  (Toronto, ON)
47)  The Unexpected Cheese Party by Dwayne Yancey  (Fincastle, VA)
48)  Untitled by Anthony Ponzio (Washington, DC)
49)  The Waiter by Clementine Page  (Christchurch, New Zealand)
50)  We Can Be Heroes by Allie Costa (Studio City, CA)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Gi60 UK Live edition 2015 in glorious HD


after the disappointment of last nights failed stream i'm happy to report that LSTV have worked tirelessly to get the footage ready and kindly provided us with a link so that the full show can now be seen on you tube.

Thank you to everyone involved and we will get to the bottom of why the stream failed before we attempt it again:

Gi60 UK Live edition: see last nights show here: http://youtu.be/jnL7zglFrFY

Gi60 US Live edition coming soon

The Gi60 UK live edition may not have streamed live and we may still be trying to get the full show up on line but there's no time to rest in the world of tiny plays as Gi60 US live edition can be seen on the horizon smiling and waving excitedly, carrying a bag full to the brim with tiny stories from talented playwrights.

We had a great show last night at Gi60 UK live, it's a real shame that we couldnt share the experience with our on line audience. hopefully we can share the show with you all in the very near future. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Gi60, without you we have no festival.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Gi60 UK Live Edition Live Stream.


Watch tonights show live in person or streamed (tickets available at stage.leeds.ac.uk) or watch at your own leisure for 24hrs after the event.

ScreamingMediaProductions would like to thank LSTV, The University of Leeds and stage@leeds for providing the staff technology and support for Gi60 UK LiveEditions first stream.

Follow this link to connect to the stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAa0ivH_L5s