Monday, 18 May 2015

Gi60 #NextGen 2015 Announces Play Selection!

Gi60 #NextGen is proud to announce our play selections for 2015! Performances will be held June 12th and June 13th
June 12th will be at 8pm in the Tantrum Theatre at Acting Out! (7426 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)
June 13th will be at 2pm in the New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College.
Each playwright below can claim a single comp ticket for either performance. Many thanks to all of the playwrights who submitted for sharing your stories with us! And now, without further ado, the 2015 Gi60 #NextGen play selections:
1) Anniversary by Allie Costa (Studio City, California)
2) An Unexpected Cheese Party by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, Virginia)
3) Aspirations by Robin Pond (Toronto, Ontario)
4) Bus Stop by Thomas J. Misuraca (Tarzana, California)
5) Cherish Is The Word by Dan Morra (Middletown, PA)
Choosy Beggars by Thomas J. Misuraca (Tarzana, California)
 7) Desperately Seeking by Robin Pond (Toronto, Ontario)
 8) The Elephant In The Room by Alex Bernstein
 9) Emotional Self-Mutilation by Julia Lederer (Toronto, Ontario)
 10) The Fountain of Too Much Youth by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, Virginia)
 11) The Gold Dubloon by Barry M. Putt, Jr. (Somerset, NJ)
 12) It’s In The Cards by Maureen Brady Johnson (Oberlin, Ohio)
 13) The Last Level by Ted Wenskus (Rochester, NY)
 14) Life Lessons by Martha Patterson (Boston, Massachusetts)
 15) The Little Red Hen by Dwayne Yancey (Fincastle, Virginia)
 16) Lunch Barter by Robin Pond (Toronto, Ontario)
 17) The Peanut Butter Police by Alan Jozwiak (Cincinnati, Ohio)
 18) The Rehearsal by Julia Coyle (Leeds, UK)
 19) Sadie’s Stalker by Rhea MacCallum (Downey, California)
 20) Sock It To Me by Allie Costa (Coldwater Canyon, California)
 21) That’s So Meta by Walter Petryk (Brooklyn, New York)
 22) To Begin by Carol M. Rice (Plano, Texas)
 23) Weird Connections by Andrea Fleck Clardy (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)
 24) What Did You Think? by Carol M. Rice (Plano, Texas)
 25) The Witches Hat by Theodore McGee (New York, NY)


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  2. I photographed a fundraising conference here recently. What a wonderful place for photos. I almost always hate being anywhere at 6am, but this breakfast event proved an exception. The manger and his staff from Seattle venues were extremely professional.