Wednesday, 22 May 2019


You have waited and wondered but now here they are all together for the very firtst time the plays and playwrights for Gi60 2019 '15yrs of tiny plays'.

Gi60 UK Live Edition 2019
1          Airplane Disaster by Georgia Pickles
2          Germs Rule by Arthur Sutcliffe
3          Stars by Jennifer Whittaker
4          The Train by Jennifer Whittaker
5          Surly Bonds by James McLindon
6          Spoiling by Russ Thorne
7          Dis-Engagement by Eugene Solfanelli
8          Straws by Greg Abbott
9          Snowball the Cat in Hell by Terry Collins
10        Alone by Scott Mullen
11        Dinosaur Dreams  by  Violet Powello
12        Sammy the Stalling Soldier by Alex Bryant
13        Unicorns Lust for Sweets by Luca Ansell
14        Life imitating art imitating life by Terry Collins
15        Connections by Christine Foster
16        Tinders by Ruben Carbajal
17        Egg by Scott Mullen
18        How to Summon a demon by Dwayne Yancey
19        Derrick's Tactic by Rex McGregor
20        Did You Floss by Allie Costa
21        Pancake Tossing on the Moon by Terry Collins
22        Revelation by Steve Alguire
23        The Reunion by Cameron Couch
24        In the Belly of the Horse by Alex Bernstein
25        Snap Chat by Thomas J Misuraca
26        The Wrong Direction by Peggy Powell
27        No Comment Marilyn by Anne Campbell
28        Ten Sessions by Melodie Edwards
29        Well, No, But(t) by Emily Hageman
30        Out by Jennifer O'Grady
31        Missing by Anna Shotter
32        Wrong House by Adam Richter
33        All I want is a photograph by Scott Mullen
34        Roger Walks Himself by Scott Mullen
35        Members Only by Glen Dickson
36        First Love by Glen Dickson
37        Only a matter of time by Mark Harvey Levine
38        Come back to me, Marge Piercy by Răzvan Ursuleanu
39        Love by Ron Burch
40        The Last One by Sandra Hosking
41        Jack by Aurora de Peña
42        Magic Trick by Amy Ignatow
43        Solar System by Madeline Thorne
44        Joel Dean by Father Gi60
45        Tuna Fish Meltdown by Dianne Brin
46        Glen by Joe Bryant
47        Golden Tickets by Georgia Pickles & Louise Johns
48        The Power of Negotiation by Maude Lambert
49        Elementary by Barry Hobbs
50        Antagonism, or, Some People Like to P*ss in the Pool by Steven G. Martin:

Gi60 US Live Edition 2019
1) 007 Retires by Jay Nickerson 
2) a burial by Collin McConnell 
3) A Very Common Remedy by Peter Dakutis
4) An Unexpected Fortune by Jasmine Dalrymple 
5) Attachment by Ivy Vale 
6) Authenticity by Tom Coash 
7) Back in time… by Kris Rasmussen 
8) Believe Me When I Tell You by Sophia Vitkovitsky 
9) The Bench by Arthur Walsh 
10) Beth by Rosanne Manfredi 
11) Brothers by Rachel Carnes 
12) Bugs are Not for Squishing by Tom Carrozza 
13) Coffee Mug by Scott Mullen 
14) The Confusion of the Bear by Kevin Clyne, Brian E. Miller 
15) Crossing by Andrea Fleck Clardy 
16) Faeries by Daniela Gonzalez y Perez 
17) Fishfishfishfishfish by Edward Fuhrmann 
18) Haunted House by Matthew Weaver 
19) Hero Worship by Stable Cable Lab Co., Inter-generating Playwrights Workshop 
20) Ira and Irving by Steve Ansell 
21) Is This the Real World? by Jonathan Joy 
22) It Creeps Up on You by Thomas J. Misuraca 
23) James Retires by Karen Engelmann 
24) Lady Parts by Gail Cory-Betz 
25) Leaves by James McLindon 
26) Ledge by Steve Alguire 
27) The Lesson by Steven G. Martin 
28) Marathon by Jessica Moss 
29) Megan Versus The Horde by Patrick Delaney 
30) Mom Cooties by Carol M. Rice 
31) New Kitten by Jennifer O’Grady 
32) News Twits by Cary Pepper 
33) No Matter What, Ya Gotta Believe by Eugene Solfanelli 
34) Nowhere Man by Mike Bencivenga 
35) The Oldest Auditions for a Play by Michele Markarian 
36) Once Upon a Time in New Mexico by Len Jenkin 
37) One Minute More by Jackie Martin 
38) Opening Line by Mark Harvey Levine 
39) Remember by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
40) Resistance is Futile by Ruben Carbajal 
41) The Skunk by Matthew Weaver 
42) Sleep Tight by Ali Gallo 
43) Smile, Baby by Claudia I. Haas 
44) The Sofa by Aurora Stewart de Peña 
45) Stargazers by Jason Rainey 
46) The Story Before by Jim MacNerland 
47) Twin Peeks by Arianna Rose 
48) With This Ring by Allie Costa 
49) Workplace by Jenny Mead 
50) Workshop by Mark Oristano 


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