Thursday, 21 February 2013



'Ten years of tiny plays'

Deadline for submissions: Midnight April 1st

Yes its that time of year again when we ask the collective conciousness to provide 100 tiny works of wit, wisdom and worth. This year marks ten years of tiny plays. In 2003 at the Harrogate Theatre Write On festival I produced 120 Seconds (a two minute play festival) that preceeded our beloved Gi60.

You know the rules, tell your friends, be inspired, keep it original and if you're unsure i've attached the info below.

..... What are you waiting for?

How do I apply? What are the Rules?
• All work must be totally original and the author's own work
• All submissions must be sent by email and must include your name, address and location before the title of your work
• Individuals may submit as many one minute plays as they wish (one submission per email)
• Entries from schools must include the name of the school and a teacher's contact details in addition to the name of the author
• All submissions must be emailed to:

Terms & Conditions
•Gi60 is free, there is no submission fee or payment for participation
• Copyright remains with the author • Plays will be made available for download on YouTube after the event
• Plays will only be performed as part of 'Gone in 60 Seconds'
• Plays lasting longer than 60 seconds will not be considered
• The organisers reserve the right to choose the venue for performance
• The organisers may use individual plays to promote the Gi60 festival
• All successful authors will be contacted prior to the event to confirm their acceptance as participants
• The organisers reserve the right to cut scripts where necessary

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