Saturday, 24 May 2014

Gi60 UK Live 2014 Play Selection

We said we would do 50 new plays and 30 'best of' but as we have a limited rehersal period and a quite a small cast we have decided that we will do 30 new plays and 30 best of the best from the last ten years. 60 plays in 60 minutes....

Gi60 UK Live 2014
30 New for 2014
Author Title
1 Allie costa Anniversay
2 Steven Ayckbourn Seek & Hide
3 Terry Collins Second Date, No chance
4 Lorraine Midanik Death by any Other name
5 Matthew Konkel Faces
6 Claudia Haas Florida
7 Matthew Konkel A love life
8 Hedley Brown The Charity Commission
9 Tom Carrozza Love, Pain, Love
10 Clare Girvan Punishment
11 Meron Langsner & Julia Specht Promises
12 John Levine Before You Know It
13 Dwayne Yancey Counting Wolves
14 Julian Kaufman Tag
15 Rebecca Kurland No Deal
16 Kieran Borchard Hide and Seek with Ghosts
17 John Levine Before You Know It
18 David Storck OCD Hotline
19 Lynne Elson It's the End of The World As We Know It
20 Daniel Guyton The Anteater
21 Harry Revell At The End But Not Alone
22 Richard Graham Gen why?
23 J. Joseph Cox Gone: Fishing
24 Brandon M Crose Regularly Scheduled
25 Red McGregor Two Judges on a Blind Date
26 Catherine Noah Talking Heads
27 Tom Carrozza My Favourite Waiter
28 Dwayne Yancey The Chicken Crosses Madison Avenue
29 Matthew Konkel Nine Floors
30 Juan Ramirez To Speed or Not to Speed
30 of the BEST 
Author Title
1 Sam512 Planet of the Socks
2 Mark Harvey Levine Baggage
3 Christopher White The Shortest Zombie Play Ever Written
4 Sandra Kolonga Dearest One
5 Terra Vetters Jumpers
6 Henry Raby Pinter Pause
7 James Harvey RUN!
8 Dannie Snyder Soul Mates
9 Anthony Steele The Earthling
10 Aurora Stewart de Peña  Father
11 Hedley Brown Customer Focus
12 Amy Ignatow Confrontation
13 Russ Thorne Inverse Ninja Law
14 Luke Galloway LEGO
15 Mark Harvey Levine School of Thought
16 Helen Elliott The Collective Memory of Humans
17 Steven Ayckbourn When Worlds Collide
18 Terry Collins Love Amongst The Midges
19 Brian Palermo Rollercoaster - Say What
20 Jim MacNerland Tweet Sorrow
21 Kieran Borchard Cuts
22 Meron Langsner The One Minute, Non Musical, LA BOHEME for One or More Actors
23 Julian Kaufman Flying into the jaws of doom
24 Bill Grabowski Holiday Season
25 Terry Collins The Quizzer who Came to Tea
26 S.I Daniels Emotional Rollercoaster
27 Suzanne Whang An Open Letter to Cancer
28 Charles Hall Cabin Pressure
29 Alan Jozwiak Persistence Pays
30 To be announced.....

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