Thursday, 22 May 2014

Gi60 2014 Live Edition USA Announces 30 Best Of Play Selections!

(Remember: Another 30  Plays Are Being Selected for Performance in the UK!)

1)      A BULLET FOR EVERY BRAIN by John Weagley          (Gi60 2008) 
2)      FEBRUARY 15 by Robert Boatride                                      (Gi60 2012)
3)      A CASE AGAINST VAMPIRISM by Meron Langsner      (Gi60 2005)
4)      CHOOSERS by James McLindon                                         (Gi60 2012)
5)      CONVERSATION by Jay Nickerson                                    (Gi60 2009)
6)      THE CREDIT CARD APPLICATION by David MacGregor  (Gi60 2013)
7)      DEEP INTO OCTOBER by Dwayne Yancey                      (Gi60 2011)
8)      FOUR AND TWENTY by Mark Harvey Levine                  (Gi60 2010)
9)      GHOSTS by Aurora Stewart de Pena                                    (Gi60 2009)
10)  THE GHOST LAMP by Dwayne Yancey                             (Gi60 2009)
11)  GOING TO KEVIN'S by Tom Gerhard                                 (Gi60 2005)
12)  HOOLIGANS AND SCALAWAGS by Ramona Floyd      (Gi60 2010)
13)   I.D. PLEASE by Jose A Rivera                                            (Gi60 2008)
14)  IILLNESS BY Jim MacNerland                                             (Gi60 2011)
15)  THE LONGEST MINUTES by Rosanne Manfredi              (Gi60 2013)
16)  MOMENT BEFORE IMPACT by Ruben Carbajal                (Gi60 2009)
17)  MONDAY IN C MINOR by Lauren Feldman                     (Gi60 2005)
18)  NOT EXPECTING THAT by Arthur M. Jolly                       (Gi60 2010)
19)  NOTHING by Kevin Clyne                                                    (Gi60 2011)
20)  OLD ITALIANS IN LAWN CHAIRS by Tom Carrozza     (Gi60 2010)
21)  ONLINE SENIOR DATE by Laurel Lockhart                     (Gi60 2006)
22)  PLATO'S CAVE by Mark Harvey Levine                             (Gi60 2009)
23)  SATURDAY MORNING by Anthony Cropper                   (Gi60 2006)
24)  SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE by Kristy Jansen           (Gi60 2008)
25)  SHOEBOX by Stacey Lane                                                   (Gi60 2007)
26)  SHOP...til you drop by Joan Lunoe                                       (Gi60 2010)
27)  TECH NO LANGUAGE by Mack Exilus                             (Gi60 2011)
28)  THE THING THAT RINGS by Michele Markarian               (Gi60 2013)
29)  WELCOME HOME by Bill Grabowski                                 (Gi60 2012)
30)  WHAT'S DOWN THAT WELL by Toni Downing              (Gi60 2006)

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