Friday, 16 May 2014

Gi60:Live US Edition 2014 Announces Selection of 50 New Plays

Gi60 Live US Edition is delighted to announce New Play Selection for the 2014 Festival!  These plays will be performed at The New Workshop Theatre, at Brooklyn College, June 12, 13 and 14 at 8:00 pm, and June 15 at 7:00 pm. For tickets, please go to: - we are able to give playwrights one  comp ticket only, as all ticket proceeds from Gi60 go to a scholarship fund for theatre students. For playwrights to claim their single comp, please phone Rose Bonczek at 718-951-5000 X 2768. All other reservations must be through the Brooklyn College Center Box Office (link above). 
Congratulations  - and stay tuned for Gi60 Live UK Play Selection Announcements!

Gi60: Live U.S. Edition 2014: New Play Selection
Thank you for helping us celebrate our Tenth Anniversary!!

1)         Ace and Me by Alex Bernstein                                   (New Jersey)
2)         April Fools by Deirdre L. Fleischer                            (Arizona)
3)         Arrhythmia by Mike Bencivenga                                (Astoria, New York)
4)         Bad Day, Eh? by Brandon M. Crose                         (Massachusetts)          
5)         Balloons by Chelsea Bennington                                (Georgia)
6)         Collision by David Reeson                                         (Leeds, England)
7)         Derrick by Tom Carrozza                                           (New York)
8)         Diamonds Are Forever by Patrick Gabridge              (Massachusetts)
9)         A Doable Resolution by Rhea MacCallum                  (California)
10)       Four Chairs by Jenny Lyn Bader                               (Brooklyn, New York)
11)       Him Next Door by Chip Tolson                                  (Wales, UK)
12)       Hit or Miss by Inbal Kashtan                                      (California)
13)       Honesty by Laurel Lockhart                                       (New York)
14)       I Miss... by Aurora Stewart de Peña                           (Toronto, Canada)
15)       The Importance of Getting Dumped by Hillery Baker    (New Jersey)
16)       Inspired by Edgar Chisholm                                       (New Jersey)
17)       It’s the Cow's Fault by Dwayne Yancey                    (Virginia)
18)       I've Seen That Movie Anyway by Ivy Vale                 (New York)
19)       Jay and Mickey by David Storck                                (Georgia)
20)       Last Call by Katie Forgette                                        (Washington)
21)       The Last Facebook Freedom Fighters  by Brandon M. Crose   (Massachusetts)
22)       Left Hanging by Mark Harvey Levine                        (California)
23)       Manimal by Robert Boatride                                      (New York)
24)       McPurgatory by Walter Petryk                                   (Brooklyn, New York)
25)       Mr. & Mrs. by Rachel Avison                                     (York, England)
26)       Multi Tasker Girl by Christian Neuhaus                     (Wisconsin)
27)       My Way or the Highway by Dan Bocchino                (New Jersey)
28)       The Newspaper of Obliteration by Matthew Konkel   (Wisconsin)
29)       Oh No She Didn't by Thomas J. Misuraca                  (California)
30)       Outerspace Beats Hollywood by Corey Pajka             (Brooklyn, New York)
31)       The Park  by Lorraine Midanik                                  (California)
32)       Priorities by Roger Collins                                         (Ohio)
33)       The Pusuit of Cockatoos by James McLindon            (New York)
34)       Quit Stalling by Tom Coash                                        (Connecticut)
35)       Reality Vision by Julia Lederer                                   (New York)
36)       Returns by Tom Valentine Gelo                                 (Texas)
37)       Rose by Karin Fazio Littlefield                                  (Brooklyn, New York)
38)       Six by Ramona Floyd                                                  (New York)
39)       Spiraling by Buffy Aakaash                                       (Washington)
40)       St. Crispins Day by Jim MacNerland                          (California)
41)       Take Out by Isaac Rathbone                                       (Brooklyn, New York)
42)       Text Missage by Anthony R. Ponzio                          (Brooklyn, New York)
43)       Three Ways to Leave an Exquisite Corpse by Stephen Gracia   (New York)
44)       Tragedy Plus Time by Suzanne Whang                      (California)
45)       Unspoken by David Muncaster                                  (Cheshire, England)
46)       Welcome Home Fred by Kevin Clyne                        (Long Island, New York)
47)       Whatever by William Sikorski                                   (Minnesota)
48)       Winter Coat by Hugh Cardiff                                     (Dublin, Ireland)
49)       The Word by Sherod Santos                                       (Illinois)
50)       Z-Day: Ira and Irving by Barry Hobbs                       (Leeds, England)

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