Monday, 29 September 2014

Gi60 2014 Live US Edition Videos Now Available for Viewing!

We're delighted to announce that all plays from Gi60 2014 Live US: 10th Anniversary Edition are now available for viewing on YouTube! See all fifty original plays, and the 30 plays chosen for the "Best Of" 10 years of Gi60 US!  Please "Like" them, share them, and post them on your social media pages. Help Gi60 hit 100,000 views - and beyond! (stay tuned for postings of Gi60 2014 Live UK videos - we'll announce at this site).

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Gi60 Celebrates Playwright Mark Harvey Levine

Longtime contributor to both Gi60 US and UK, playwright Mark Harvey Levine has just celebrated his 1000th production of his plays!  Congratulations to Mark, and we're delighted to celebrate Gi60's 1000th production of a play with him!

Stay Awake Theatre: Call for Submissions

Hello Gi60 Playwrights: Stay Awake Theatre, a new Denver based theater company in Colorado, USA, is launching a new 10 minute play festival. Please see the link below for submission guidelines.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


"have everyone log on to and click on June 12 – 15 in the calendar on the front page – they can also click the Gi60 Logo on the top promo slide show.   That will bring them to the event panel in which they will be able to click on  either the on-campus vs. the off campus channels.  Plus, it will not allow them access to the actual camera feed until the show goes up.  They get a count-down “Time to Live Webcast” clock and color bars.  The event panel will also let them see the press release.."

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Gi60 2014 Live US Edition: 10th Anniversary!

Gi60 2014 Live US 10th Anniversary Edition will perform Thursday June 12, Friday June 13, Saturday June 14 at 8:00 pm, and Sunday June 15 at 7:00 pm at the New Workshop Theater, Brooklyn College. Act I features 50 new plays (for full play selection list, see previous blog entry and FB page), and Act II features 30 Best Of Gi60 - there will be a 10 minute intermission. For tickets, please visit, or call 718/951-4500. NOTE: there are two large dance events in the upstairs Whitman Theater on Friday night, and Saturday night - PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY for parking, and check the MTA site for construction updates on the #2 and #5 lines to Flatbush Avenue stop.
If you are a featured playwright and you want to claim your single comp ticket, please call Rose Burnett Bonczek at 718/951-5000 X 2768. All proceeds from Gi60 Live US go to a scholarship fund for Brooklyn College theater students.
We're delighted to announce that ALL performances will be live streamed!  The addresses to use are:
1) mms://
2) mms://

Eighty plays, twenty one actors, seven directors, one unique international theatrical event. Gi60 - Theatre with no time to spare!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


just in case anybody missed the post if you have a play chosen for Performance in this years Gi60 UK, Gi60 US or Gi60 NextGen# live events then you can claim a free ticket for Gi60 UK Live. If you would like to take advantage of tjhis offer (one ticket per playwright) please email stating which of your plays has been chosen and at which event.

See you Thursday


Steve Ansell


Gi60 UK Live: THIS THURSDAY at 7.30pm

Gi60 UK Live This Thursday: Viaduct Theatre, Dean Clough, Halifax. 
01422 255266 
£7.50 (£5.00)

60 Plays from the sublime to the ridiculous all delivered one minute at a time..


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Gi60 #NextGen Play Announcement

Gi60 #NextGen is thrilled to announce the play selection for this year's festival! Performances will take place on June 13 at 8pm at the Tantrum Theatre in the Acting Out! studio and on June 14 at 2pm at The New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College. Ticket information will be available shortly.

Playwrights may receive one comp for one of the performances. To claim your comp, please email Vera Khodasevich at

And now, drum roll please.... Here are the 25 one-minute plays that will be performed as part of the inaugural Gi60 #NextGen:

1.    A Twenty For Your Thoughts by J.R. Spalding Jr
2.    Any Last Words by Allie Costa
3.    Beyond Words by Jim MacNerland
4.    Bobbie and Roi and a Caterpillar by Theodore McGee
5.    Bolivia by Dwayne Yancey
6.    Boo Who by Jeffrey Wolf
7.    Butterfly Rhino by Emily Zemba
8.    Call of the Open Road by Dwayne Yancey
9.    Cold by Stacey Lane 
10.  Cubicle Witch by Rosanne Manfredi
11.  Double Entrée by Nancy Gall-Clayton
12.  Hotline by David Storck
13.  How to Lift a Wallet by Walter Petryk
14.  InstaLunch by Jaime Jaget
15.  Jimmy’s Plan for World Domination by Dwayne Yancey
16.  JUMP by Natalie Wilson
17.  Ms. Johnson by Jim MacNerland
18.  Nothing Special by Ted Wenskus 
19.  PAM by Walter Petryk
20.  Seeing by Jim MacNerland
21.  SEVEN by Allie Costa
22.  The Letter by Steven Bergman
23.  The Next Big Thing by Alan Jozwiak
24.  Three Trees Talking by Dwayne Yancey
25.  Toilet Paper and Kleenex by Alex Bernstein

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Gi60 UK Live 2014 Play Selection

We said we would do 50 new plays and 30 'best of' but as we have a limited rehersal period and a quite a small cast we have decided that we will do 30 new plays and 30 best of the best from the last ten years. 60 plays in 60 minutes....

Gi60 UK Live 2014
30 New for 2014
Author Title
1 Allie costa Anniversay
2 Steven Ayckbourn Seek & Hide
3 Terry Collins Second Date, No chance
4 Lorraine Midanik Death by any Other name
5 Matthew Konkel Faces
6 Claudia Haas Florida
7 Matthew Konkel A love life
8 Hedley Brown The Charity Commission
9 Tom Carrozza Love, Pain, Love
10 Clare Girvan Punishment
11 Meron Langsner & Julia Specht Promises
12 John Levine Before You Know It
13 Dwayne Yancey Counting Wolves
14 Julian Kaufman Tag
15 Rebecca Kurland No Deal
16 Kieran Borchard Hide and Seek with Ghosts
17 John Levine Before You Know It
18 David Storck OCD Hotline
19 Lynne Elson It's the End of The World As We Know It
20 Daniel Guyton The Anteater
21 Harry Revell At The End But Not Alone
22 Richard Graham Gen why?
23 J. Joseph Cox Gone: Fishing
24 Brandon M Crose Regularly Scheduled
25 Red McGregor Two Judges on a Blind Date
26 Catherine Noah Talking Heads
27 Tom Carrozza My Favourite Waiter
28 Dwayne Yancey The Chicken Crosses Madison Avenue
29 Matthew Konkel Nine Floors
30 Juan Ramirez To Speed or Not to Speed
30 of the BEST 
Author Title
1 Sam512 Planet of the Socks
2 Mark Harvey Levine Baggage
3 Christopher White The Shortest Zombie Play Ever Written
4 Sandra Kolonga Dearest One
5 Terra Vetters Jumpers
6 Henry Raby Pinter Pause
7 James Harvey RUN!
8 Dannie Snyder Soul Mates
9 Anthony Steele The Earthling
10 Aurora Stewart de Peña  Father
11 Hedley Brown Customer Focus
12 Amy Ignatow Confrontation
13 Russ Thorne Inverse Ninja Law
14 Luke Galloway LEGO
15 Mark Harvey Levine School of Thought
16 Helen Elliott The Collective Memory of Humans
17 Steven Ayckbourn When Worlds Collide
18 Terry Collins Love Amongst The Midges
19 Brian Palermo Rollercoaster - Say What
20 Jim MacNerland Tweet Sorrow
21 Kieran Borchard Cuts
22 Meron Langsner The One Minute, Non Musical, LA BOHEME for One or More Actors
23 Julian Kaufman Flying into the jaws of doom
24 Bill Grabowski Holiday Season
25 Terry Collins The Quizzer who Came to Tea
26 S.I Daniels Emotional Rollercoaster
27 Suzanne Whang An Open Letter to Cancer
28 Charles Hall Cabin Pressure
29 Alan Jozwiak Persistence Pays
30 To be announced.....

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Gi60 2014 Live Edition USA Announces 30 Best Of Play Selections!

(Remember: Another 30  Plays Are Being Selected for Performance in the UK!)

1)      A BULLET FOR EVERY BRAIN by John Weagley          (Gi60 2008) 
2)      FEBRUARY 15 by Robert Boatride                                      (Gi60 2012)
3)      A CASE AGAINST VAMPIRISM by Meron Langsner      (Gi60 2005)
4)      CHOOSERS by James McLindon                                         (Gi60 2012)
5)      CONVERSATION by Jay Nickerson                                    (Gi60 2009)
6)      THE CREDIT CARD APPLICATION by David MacGregor  (Gi60 2013)
7)      DEEP INTO OCTOBER by Dwayne Yancey                      (Gi60 2011)
8)      FOUR AND TWENTY by Mark Harvey Levine                  (Gi60 2010)
9)      GHOSTS by Aurora Stewart de Pena                                    (Gi60 2009)
10)  THE GHOST LAMP by Dwayne Yancey                             (Gi60 2009)
11)  GOING TO KEVIN'S by Tom Gerhard                                 (Gi60 2005)
12)  HOOLIGANS AND SCALAWAGS by Ramona Floyd      (Gi60 2010)
13)   I.D. PLEASE by Jose A Rivera                                            (Gi60 2008)
14)  IILLNESS BY Jim MacNerland                                             (Gi60 2011)
15)  THE LONGEST MINUTES by Rosanne Manfredi              (Gi60 2013)
16)  MOMENT BEFORE IMPACT by Ruben Carbajal                (Gi60 2009)
17)  MONDAY IN C MINOR by Lauren Feldman                     (Gi60 2005)
18)  NOT EXPECTING THAT by Arthur M. Jolly                       (Gi60 2010)
19)  NOTHING by Kevin Clyne                                                    (Gi60 2011)
20)  OLD ITALIANS IN LAWN CHAIRS by Tom Carrozza     (Gi60 2010)
21)  ONLINE SENIOR DATE by Laurel Lockhart                     (Gi60 2006)
22)  PLATO'S CAVE by Mark Harvey Levine                             (Gi60 2009)
23)  SATURDAY MORNING by Anthony Cropper                   (Gi60 2006)
24)  SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE by Kristy Jansen           (Gi60 2008)
25)  SHOEBOX by Stacey Lane                                                   (Gi60 2007)
26)  SHOP...til you drop by Joan Lunoe                                       (Gi60 2010)
27)  TECH NO LANGUAGE by Mack Exilus                             (Gi60 2011)
28)  THE THING THAT RINGS by Michele Markarian               (Gi60 2013)
29)  WELCOME HOME by Bill Grabowski                                 (Gi60 2012)
30)  WHAT'S DOWN THAT WELL by Toni Downing              (Gi60 2006)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Gi60:Live US Edition 2014 Announces Selection of 50 New Plays

Gi60 Live US Edition is delighted to announce New Play Selection for the 2014 Festival!  These plays will be performed at The New Workshop Theatre, at Brooklyn College, June 12, 13 and 14 at 8:00 pm, and June 15 at 7:00 pm. For tickets, please go to: - we are able to give playwrights one  comp ticket only, as all ticket proceeds from Gi60 go to a scholarship fund for theatre students. For playwrights to claim their single comp, please phone Rose Bonczek at 718-951-5000 X 2768. All other reservations must be through the Brooklyn College Center Box Office (link above). 
Congratulations  - and stay tuned for Gi60 Live UK Play Selection Announcements!

Gi60: Live U.S. Edition 2014: New Play Selection
Thank you for helping us celebrate our Tenth Anniversary!!

1)         Ace and Me by Alex Bernstein                                   (New Jersey)
2)         April Fools by Deirdre L. Fleischer                            (Arizona)
3)         Arrhythmia by Mike Bencivenga                                (Astoria, New York)
4)         Bad Day, Eh? by Brandon M. Crose                         (Massachusetts)          
5)         Balloons by Chelsea Bennington                                (Georgia)
6)         Collision by David Reeson                                         (Leeds, England)
7)         Derrick by Tom Carrozza                                           (New York)
8)         Diamonds Are Forever by Patrick Gabridge              (Massachusetts)
9)         A Doable Resolution by Rhea MacCallum                  (California)
10)       Four Chairs by Jenny Lyn Bader                               (Brooklyn, New York)
11)       Him Next Door by Chip Tolson                                  (Wales, UK)
12)       Hit or Miss by Inbal Kashtan                                      (California)
13)       Honesty by Laurel Lockhart                                       (New York)
14)       I Miss... by Aurora Stewart de Peña                           (Toronto, Canada)
15)       The Importance of Getting Dumped by Hillery Baker    (New Jersey)
16)       Inspired by Edgar Chisholm                                       (New Jersey)
17)       It’s the Cow's Fault by Dwayne Yancey                    (Virginia)
18)       I've Seen That Movie Anyway by Ivy Vale                 (New York)
19)       Jay and Mickey by David Storck                                (Georgia)
20)       Last Call by Katie Forgette                                        (Washington)
21)       The Last Facebook Freedom Fighters  by Brandon M. Crose   (Massachusetts)
22)       Left Hanging by Mark Harvey Levine                        (California)
23)       Manimal by Robert Boatride                                      (New York)
24)       McPurgatory by Walter Petryk                                   (Brooklyn, New York)
25)       Mr. & Mrs. by Rachel Avison                                     (York, England)
26)       Multi Tasker Girl by Christian Neuhaus                     (Wisconsin)
27)       My Way or the Highway by Dan Bocchino                (New Jersey)
28)       The Newspaper of Obliteration by Matthew Konkel   (Wisconsin)
29)       Oh No She Didn't by Thomas J. Misuraca                  (California)
30)       Outerspace Beats Hollywood by Corey Pajka             (Brooklyn, New York)
31)       The Park  by Lorraine Midanik                                  (California)
32)       Priorities by Roger Collins                                         (Ohio)
33)       The Pusuit of Cockatoos by James McLindon            (New York)
34)       Quit Stalling by Tom Coash                                        (Connecticut)
35)       Reality Vision by Julia Lederer                                   (New York)
36)       Returns by Tom Valentine Gelo                                 (Texas)
37)       Rose by Karin Fazio Littlefield                                  (Brooklyn, New York)
38)       Six by Ramona Floyd                                                  (New York)
39)       Spiraling by Buffy Aakaash                                       (Washington)
40)       St. Crispins Day by Jim MacNerland                          (California)
41)       Take Out by Isaac Rathbone                                       (Brooklyn, New York)
42)       Text Missage by Anthony R. Ponzio                          (Brooklyn, New York)
43)       Three Ways to Leave an Exquisite Corpse by Stephen Gracia   (New York)
44)       Tragedy Plus Time by Suzanne Whang                      (California)
45)       Unspoken by David Muncaster                                  (Cheshire, England)
46)       Welcome Home Fred by Kevin Clyne                        (Long Island, New York)
47)       Whatever by William Sikorski                                   (Minnesota)
48)       Winter Coat by Hugh Cardiff                                     (Dublin, Ireland)
49)       The Word by Sherod Santos                                       (Illinois)
50)       Z-Day: Ira and Irving by Barry Hobbs                       (Leeds, England)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Submissions deadline for #NextGen extended!

There's one week left to send us your plays!! Deadline is extended until Friday, May 2nd. Submit your one-minute plays for Gi60 #NextGen (for actors 11-16 years old) via e-mail to

The Rules:
• Plays must last no longer than 60 seconds
• All work must be totally original and the author's own work
• All submissions must be sent by email and must include your name, address and location before the title of your workThe title of the play should appear in the subject line of the email
• Individuals may submit as many one minute plays as they wish (one submission only per email). PLEASE SEND EACH PLAY IN A SEPARATE FILE WITH THE TITLE OF THE PLAY IN THE SUBJECT LINE.
• Entries from schools must include the name of the school and a teacher's contact details in addition to the name of the author
• All submissions must be emailed to: (NEW Deadline: midnight, May 2nd)

Friday, 25 April 2014


The Gi60 10th Anniversary 'Top 60' Polls are closed. 

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Monday, 14 April 2014

New Event, New Opportunity for Writers. Gi60 #NextGen 2014

Submissions for Gi60 #NextGen
If you missed the deadline to submit your one minute play for consideration for Gi60: Live UK & US editions, fret not, there is another opportunity! As a part of celebrating 10 years of international collaboration, Gi60 will be featuring a brand new portion in the festival: Gi60 #NextGen. The concept stays the same: one minute plays performed in succession by a group of actors, to be taped and posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. So what's different? The group of actors will be entirely comprised of the Next Generation: all of them ages 11-16. For this new portion we've teamed up with Acting Out!, Brooklyn's premier acting school, to bring 25 brand new one-minute plays to life. All we need are your words.
What are you waiting for? Sharpen your pencils, fire-up the laptops, and get to writing! Full rules and conditions below:
How To Apply:Gi60 is open to everybody; all you need is an idea and an internet connection. Since its inception in 2003, the Gi60 festival has premiered hundreds of new pieces of work written by people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. So if you have and idea or something to say, why not write a play?

The Rules:
• Plays must last no longer than 60 seconds
• All work must be totally original and the author's own work
• All submissions must be sent by email and must include your name, address and location before the title of your workThe title of the play should appear in the subject line of the email
• Individuals may submit as many one minute plays as they wish (one submission only per email). PLEASE SEND EACH PLAY IN A SEPARATE FILE WITH THE TITLE OF THE PLAY IN THE SUBJECT LINE.
• Entries from schools must include the name of the school and a teacher's contact details in addition to the name of the author
• All submissions must be emailed to: (Deadline: midnight, April 27th)
Terms and conditions:
• Copyright remains with the author
• Plays will only be performed as part of 'Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds#NextGen'

• Plays lasting longer than 60 seconds will not be considered.
• The organizers may use individual plays to promote the Gi60 festival for a period of one year after the festival
• Final play selection will be announced sometime in early May, 2014. Playwrights will be contacted via email to be informed of the selections. 
•  There is no submission fee or payment for selected plays
• The organizers reserve the right to cut scripts where necessary
- Performances for Gi60 #NextGen 2014 will take place the weekend of June 13th with performances at Acting Out and the New Workshop Theater at Brooklyn College (Both in Brooklyn, NY)Gi60

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Choose Your Favorite Gi60 Videos for our 10th Anniversary Gi60 Top 60 Performance! [Poll #1]

2014 will mark Gi60’s tenth anniversary as The Worlds One and Only International One Minute Theatre Festival and to celebrate this milestone the Gi60 Team is very excited to kickoff a series of polls where we ask our fans, friends, writers, cast, and crew to choose several plays for our Gi60 Top 60.

Aside from our usual 100 premieres we'll perform sixty plays from the last decade and we'll be posting several polls over the next few weeks and we want your votes!

Just click the link and watch the plays, then choose your's that easy.

Click here to vote in POLL #1 for Gi60's TOP 60

Monday, 7 April 2014

Gi60 announces Ten4Ten 2014 "What have you been doing for the last ten years"?

Gi60 Ten4Ten 2014:
“What have you been doing for the last ten years….?”

In 2013 Gi60 UK celebrated 10yrs as a one minute Theatre festival and as part of our celebrations we launched Ten-4-Ten which highlighted the work of ten UK based playwrights new to Gi60. 2014 marks Gi60’s tenth anniversary as The Worlds One and Only International One Minute Theatre Festival and to celebrate this milestone we are producing extended Gi60 Live performances in the UK and US featuring our usual 100 premieres as well as the Gi60 Top 60 featuring the sixty most popular/profound/interesting/individual Gi60 plays of the last decade. We also want to celebrate our most important asset, the Gi60 writing community. With this in mind we are launching Ten4Ten 2014. unlike the UK Ten-4-Ten that ran in 2013 Ten4Ten 2014 is open to all writers, whether you have written for Gi60 before or not.

So what is Ten4Ten 2014?
Gi60 has always, whether consciously or not, reflected and refracted the world around it and with Ten4Ten 2014 we are looking for plays that take as their inspiration significant events of last ten years, These can be events of global significance or personal significance just as long as they are rooted in the last decade.
We will choose the best ten ‘Ten4Ten 2014’ submissions (hopefully inspired by a diverse range of events and years) and produce five plays at each of the Gi60 live events. Each writer will be featured on our blog and publicity and the Gi60 Ten4Ten plays will be available to view on You Tube individually as part of the Gi60 Channel or viewed together chronologically . If you would like to be considered for ‘Gi60 Ten4Ten 2014’ please apply in the usual way by emailing your script to by Mon 28th April with the subject line ‘Ten4Ten 2014. Please also include a one sentence description of the event and year your play was inspired by.
For full details of how to apply to Gi60 visit our facebook page or go to our blog at: